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Commercial Past Projects

Customizing Airstreams since 1931

From the very beginning, the shiny aluminum Airstream shell has inspired designers, business owners, celebrities, and countless others to customize the Airstream interior to suit their needs. From NASA to home studios, Airstream has created custom travel trailers since the historical beginning.

Past Projects in Space


Mobile Quarantine Facility

When the Apollo 11 astronauts returned from the moon in 1969 they were quarantined in a modified Airstream Travel Trailer known as the Mobile Quarantine Facility (or MQF) to contain any possible lunar pathogens. With its aircraft-like construction and self-containment features, the Airstream was the perfect solution for a MQF that could withstand the rigors of transportation.



In 1983, three modified Excella Motorhomes were made for use in NASA’s Shuttle program. The most famous, known as the Astrovan, was used to transport astronauts from the Operations and Checkout Building at the Florida Kennedy Space Center to the launch pad.

2020 Astrovan Exteriors _71133 Front 3 Qtr Black WEB

Astrovan II

American Astronauts are taking the next step towards the stars, and we’ll be right there with them again. Built in partnership with the Boeing Company, ASTROVAN II is the new crew transport vehicle for Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner crew.

Past Projects


At-Home Studio

Jimmy Fallon started “at-home” editions of “The Tonight Show” due to the coronavirus pandemic. A transformed Airstream in his backyard created the perfect studio.


Mobile Recording Studio

In 2005, the non-profit organization StoryCorps used a custom Airstream as a mobile recording studio to collect the stories of ordinary people for the Library of Congress.

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