Your new IoT SIM card will soon be on its way

Your new SIM card should be shipped to your verified address within five to seven business days. Swapping out your Airstream Smart Control (IoT) SIM card is quick and easy. If you have an active Wi-Fi data plan, this will not impact that service.

There is no charge for this upgrade, which is part of Airstream’s ongoing commitment to providing you with the best possible owner experience.

The AT&T SIM card that supports your Smart Control capabilities will deactivate on June 6th, so please verify your address at your first convenience. The AT&T portal at will also close on June 6th.

How-to instructions are available here to install a new Airstream Smart Control (IoT) SIM card into your Airstream Smart Control system.

You can also click here for information that will enable you to use a SIM from any major carrier for your Wi-Fi and data service.

See you down the road!

More about your SIM update.

Questions about your new SIM card?
Read through our most frequently asked questions.



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