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Tommy Bahama Interstate EXT

Island-Themed Features

Tommy Bahama Spotlight Video

Take a closer look at the Tommy Bahama Relax Edition Touring Coach and how we added island style in thoughtful and unexpected places.


Built-in Bar

The party follows you wherever you go in the Tommy Bahama Touring Coach. The galley kitchen features a built-in rack to display your wine and spirits and easily access them whenever you’re ready to serve up drinks. Plus, you have plenty of counter space to set out your favorite mixers, and all the appliances you need to whip up some snacks for everyone.

Premium Air Ride Suspension

The rear of the Tommy Bahama is equipped with our exclusive optional Air Ride Suspension which adjusts itself to bumps in the road, changes in elevation, and changes in wind resistance, so you can enjoy a smooth ride, mile after mile.

Four-Wheel Drive When You Need It

An optional on-demand four-wheel drive system from Mercedes-Benz gives you added stability and control. When you press the button, Load-Adaptive Electronic Stability and Electronic Traction systems work together to ensure your Tommy Bahama Touring Coach is prepared for inclement road conditions.

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