The Tommy Bahama® Special Edition Touring Coach – Inspiring Refined Relaxation.

Two free-spirited, iconic American brands – Airstream and Tommy Bahama join together to create this elegant Special Edition Touring Coach. Click to watch the video and imagine yourself arriving in style.

starting at $171,707

The Airstream – Tommy Bahama State of Mind.

We've thought of everything.

From the remote-controlled wood-shutter blinds and built-in bar storage – to the elegant Caribbean style matte finish cabinetry and luxurious UltraLeather seating, every detail in the Special Edition Coach will make you feel like you’re exactly where you want to be.

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On the road to paradise, everything looks beautiful.

And everything we built in to the Tommy Bahama® Special Edition Touring Coach inspires the senses.

  • A Black Nickel cabinet hardware
  • B Luxurious UltraLeather™ seating
  • C Island-inspired Tommy Bahama pillow fabrics
  • D Resilient-yet-beautiful Infinity woven flooring
TC Tommy Bahama 2018 Overview
Foliage background

Explore the Tommy Bahama Touring Coach

Crafted with artistry and attention to detail, the Tommy Bahama Special Edition Touring Coach is truly special – and available at Airstream dealers for 2017 now. Make your destination, relaxation. You’ll never look back.

Utility and beauty go hand in hand.

In true Airstream fashion, the Tommy Bahama Special Edition combines Airstream craftsmanship with the relaxed refinement of Tommy Bahama interiors.

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TC Tommy Bahama 2018 Overview

Find your Tommy Bahama.

Don’t wait another day. Find your closest Airstream dealer and climb aboard your own Airstream Tommy Bahama Special Edition Touring Coach. Relaxation awaits.

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TC Tommy Bahama 2018 Overview
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