Same Airstream feel. All new adventures.

Basecamp takes our iconic streamlined style in a new, exciting direction. The same quality and unrelenting standards that made us who we are have now been applied to creating one of our lightest, most versatile, and adventure-capable travel trailers ever. It’s smart, it’s spontaneous, and it’s the spirit of Airstream – the spirit of adventure.

Room with a view.

We’ve designed every inch of the new Basecamp with the great outdoors in mind. The aluminum structure slips through the air on the open road. The panoramic front windows let you take in the view around you. And the subtle décors play off of natural tones you’ll find outside. It’s all in homage to the world around you, the whole reason you head out to explore in the first place.

Aluminum Body

Aluminum superstructure assembled with rivets provides strength and aerodynamics.

Roof Profile

A new roof profile adds to Basecamp’s aerodynamics and unique aesthetic.

Wrap-Around Windows

Panoramic windows bring the outside in and flood the trailer with natural light.

Natural and neutral.

The subtle tones of Basecamp’s interior are designed to work in harmony with the great outdoors. Basecamp décors include River Rock, Red Rock and Glacier Lake, all three of which feature durable, marine-grade flooring.

Red Rock Seating
River Rock Seating
Glacier Lake

Red Rock: Dark gray is accented by touches of bright red.

River Rock: Darker neutrals accentuate the classic silver Airstream aluminum.

Glacier Lake: Blue seating and light countertops are crisp and soothing.

New and improved.

Today’s Basecamp is a re-imagined version of our original 2007 version that was designed in partnership with Nissan Design America. Since that first iteration, we’ve taken years to concept new ideas and equip the new Basecamp with fresh innovations, more functional design features, and materials designed with comfort and convenience in mind.

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