My Airstream, My Story: Rental Home

Jacob and Esther choose to live adventurously, open to new experiences near and far, and learning to “live as the locals do” as they actively move to a new city each year. This spirit of exploration led the couple to Airstream, and a journey that would take them across the American Heartland and up the Pacific Northwest.

When the couple originally moved out west in 2013, they decided to run a photography business on the road and enjoy a life of adventure and local discovery. With this newfound mobility in their career, Jacob and Esther began a life of travel. They moved to a new city each year, living like a local and blogging through their “Local Adventurer” site. The blog features personal discoveries made during the couple’s time in each location, while also encouraging readers to explore all the surprises that may lie undiscovered in their very own backyards!

As Esther and Jacob continued their travels, they began to consider the things that RV life could offer them, including even greater mobility. They reached out to Airstream who, unbeknownst to them, was about to kick off their newest campaign, the Endless Caravan.

Timing worked in their favor, as they became the first participants in the three-month Endless Caravan tour across the country and back.

Despite the obstacles of living in a smaller space, they quickly adapted to the Airstream lifestyle and came to find that it fell right in line with their on-the-go and adventurous lifestyle.

During their time in the Endless Caravan, the couple also brought along their two sleepy feline family members, Sebastian and Mika, who manage to take up a surprising amount of space in the 23 ft. Airstream International.

Esther and Jacob’s travels in the Endless Caravan set a positive and inspirational tone for the next adventurous participants in the campaign. The couple continues to travel and share their experiences through their blog and social media. And who knows, perhaps one day these adventurous locals, too, will come to call an Airstream of their own home.

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My Airstream, My Story