Her Way and the Highway: Season 2 Wrap Up

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When you're a solo female traveler seeking community, the Airstream Club International is a great place to start. And with the Stella's Sisters intra-club, you already have a community of like-minded women leading the way.

Her Way and the Highway is our email series celebrating the vibrant community of Airstreaming women. Featuring inspirational stories and expert advice from women who hitch up and hit the road, Her Way and the Highway comes straight to your inbox every week. This season, we're featuring stories from the inaugural officers of Stella's Sisters, an Airstream Club International intra-club for women who tow or travel solo. Subscribe and don't miss an episode


Since the Stella’s Sisters intra-club formed last year as a subset of the Airstream Club International, it’s not only taught women that they can travel solo and offered practical tips for how to do so, but it’s also brought women travelers together across the country.


When you’re a solo female traveler, there are times when strength in numbers is key. You might need a last-minute recommendation for a place to stay when your existing reservation is canceled. You might want to caravan with another person if you’re going somewhere distant or new. Or you might simply be tired of sitting by the campfire alone.

So, how do you connect with the traveling sisterhood of Stella's Sisters and other good people on the road? For starters, your decision to #LiveRiveted is a beacon for friendly faces in new places.

RV newbies often don’t consider community when shopping for a rig. Features and prices are usually the first boxes they tick.

But Airstreamers understand that rolling up in their aluminum adventure mobile provides an extra measure of support and community — especially if there’s a pink flamingo standing by inviting fellow travelers to say hi.

And when you’re new to doing things like troubleshooting a front hitch power jack or checking your travel trailer sealants, it’s nice to know that there’s a fellow traveler who has been there, done that with a model just like yours.


To join Stella’s Sisters, you first have to become a member of Airstream Club International, at which time you’ll get a BRN, or Big Red Number. Then you can join the Stella's Sisters Intra-Club. In addition to the group’s web page, they also have a private Facebook Group where members can interact.

Stella's Sisters is up to 177 members as of Summer 2023, and the leadership is developing a newsletter. The group is also on YouTube and Instagram and has a Zazzle Logowear store where you can purchase apparel, stickers, and more. 

And while this marks the end of Season 2 of Her Way and the Highway, there's no end to the stories, memories, and friendships you'll make down the road.

If you missed any of our previous installments of Her Way and the Highway, catch up with past blog posts and subscribe to receive future installments.

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