Built in America, Built to Last

At Airstream we’re very proud of our construction processes and product quality, and why wouldn’t we be? Approximately 70 percent of the Airstream travel trailers ever built are still on the road. And you can expect that a new Airstream is just as tough as one that founder Wally Byam himself could have designed.

This is because we’ve been using the same time-tested and effective construction process since we opened our Jackson Center, Ohio factory in 1952. If it isn’t broke, why fix it? Rather than farming out production, and importing finished Airstreams from plants in other countries, we build every trailer here in the United States, and do it ourselves. In fact, Airstream even ships its American-made trailers worldwide into international markets – because quality isn’t only appreciated here, after all.

We go over every trailer with a fine-toothed comb. Each completed trailer contains 3,000-4,000 rivets and screws, and we test every single one. The Jackson Center plant has a special room where every trailer is sprayed with water for forty minutes, and if even a single rivet is less than watertight the trailer is recalled, and fixed by hand. Because if it rains, and your Airstream leaks, you’re going to have a bad time – so we make sure your spirits (and clothes) won’t get dampened on the road.

Service Center 2If after decades and generations, your Airstream trailer needs to be refurbished to make it like new again, we can do that too. Airstream owners can have their trailers serviced and fixed at the Jackson Center plant and there, we can bring even the most neglected shells back to life.

There are a lot of benefits to Airstream’s commitment to being – and staying – American-made. Among them is that it gives us the ability to ensure that our products meet our stringent quality standards, and to provide the best possible support to our customers. If your trailer needs work, the very same people who built it can fix it. We can make certain that every part is right before the trailer leaves the plant. When quality’s this important, you need to do the job yourself – and that’s what Airstream does.

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