Touring Coaches

Flexible Living and Working Space on the Road


Highlighting the dual purpose features in Airstream Touring Coaches during a time of "live and work from anywhere"

The recent trend in RV travel has put the concept of living and working from the road in the spotlight. Businesses and employees are realizing the benefits of working remotely, and many of those same employees are realizing that there’s an opportunity to exchange “work from home” for “work from anywhere.” They’re trading their couches and home offices for Airstream dinettes and campground picnic tables. They’re taking calls on hikes in the forest or while they’re out walking their dogs around the campsite. And if they have kids, they’re realizing the benefit of experiencing educational moments themselves instead of simply reading about it in a textbook. It’s one thing to see a picture of the desert – it’s quite another to spend time in an actual desert. 


Work from Anywhere, Learn from Anywhere, Live from Anywhere

With so much changing the past couple of months, there’s a new wave of digital nomads who are drawn to this new reality  in conjunction with #VanLife. They’re finding that as long as there’s a strong internet connection, there’s no barrier keeping them from breaking the thresholds of their suburban homes. They’re switching it out for the beautiful sights of an open highway.

A huge community of Airstreamers have already taken this plunge

Their experiences help others navigate the new reality, following the path of their groundwork. At the same time, Airstream has worked over the past nine decades on product development, perfecting the use of space with flexible floor plans and innovative modular features across the entire lineup. 


For our Airstream Touring Coaches, this means having a bumper to bumper self-contained vehicle with an engine and wheels to get you to your destination. Airstream Travel Trailers are famous for being well-designed and efficiently utilizing the interior living, sleeping, and storage space. But they require a tow vehicle that also has storage and seating included, leaving several important decisions up to the customer. With our Touring Coaches, you simply climb into the driver’s seat and take everything you need with you.


Wide Open, Convertible Spaces

From the 24-foot Atlas and Interstate 24 all the way to the compact and city-friendly Interstate 19, all the primary living or working spaces also double as sleeping or entertainment space – a core benefit of the Class B RV. 


The Airstream Touring Coach cockpit is essentially identical across all models and is best identified by the two captains chairs that sit at the helm of the RV. Each comfortable seat is upholstered with Ultraleather, keeping the seats looking brand new for years to come. The captains chairs also have the ability to spin completely around, transforming the space instantaneously.


Rotating Captains Chairs

Inside the Atlas, spinning the seats gives you visibility to the HD TV and opens up the seating options for the “living room” by adding two more lounging chairs that face towards the sofa. The passenger seat also spins around to align with a convertible tabletop.

The Atlas with the captains chairs swiveled towards living area

Inside the 24GL, turning the cockpit chairs around results in meeting up with the two rear captains chairs which all concentrate on a centered dinette table or an open floor where four people can enjoy a meal or play a game.

The Interstate 24GL with captains chairs swiveled towards rear captains chairs

Inside the 24GT, swinging the driver seat around means getting your very own working space with a modular solid surface table and flat screen HD TV. Having an extended desktop monitor with a comfortable place to work is a must for those living and working on the road and this floor plan fulfills the need perfectly.

The Interstate 24GT with captains chairs swiveled featuring the desk and TV.

Many of the benefits of the swivel seats highlight the inclusion of universal tables – one of the most innovative components in the coach.


Adjustable Solid Surface Tabletops


All Airstream touring coaches have tables that are convertible and easily stow away while not in use. We have two primary styles of modular tables and both are fitting to the style of travel and overall usage experience. The Atlas utilizes a flat, threaded pedestal base that seamlessly blends into the floor when the table legs aren’t installed. The first tabletop (mentioned above) is directly behind the passenger seat while the other is located right in the center of the powered sofa.

The Atlas with two convertible and easily stowable tables

The rotating, removable table that Airstream uses universally across our Interstate series (Interstate 24 and Interstate 19) is designed for a vertical mount that lives in several locations across the differing floor plans.


Rear Power Sofa

With the push of a few buttons, the rear powered sofa in the Interstate series transforms into a large, comfortable bed. Relax and read, lounging on the sofa, or put it down and enjoy a quiet night of sleep while you recharge for whatever the next day brings. 

Or put the bed down and utilize the space for storage and transportation of longer items and then unload everything upon arriving at your destination.



The powered component of the Atlas comes with the slide-out and requires minimal work to transform the sofa into a comfortable Murphy Bed. The Atlas is the first Airstream motorhome to include a power slide-out, and we’ve taken care to do it right. On the road, the slide-out is retracted and fits seamlessly with the luxury automotive body style. And at the campground, it extends with the touch of a button on the Multiplex control panel. Once extended, you have more room to relax on the couch or pull down the Murphy bed to turn in for the night.

The Atlas Power Slide-Out Murphy Suite

With seatbelts in almost every seat, Airstream Touring Coaches make for the perfect vehicle for grounds to get from Point A to Point B. Set up in the parking lot at the big game and cook up chilli in your onboard galley. Or park at the kids’ soccer tournament so your family has a place to relax, rest, and clean up in the wet-bath when the activities end. 


Airstream Touring Coaches are more than luxurious vans – more than simply the reliable and regal way to get where you’re going. They’re flexible and full of surprises for every use you can imagine. Learn more about each model and floor plan and then download our newest product brochures to dig into the technical specifications.


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