Leaving it Beautiful in Los Angeles

Imagine a sunset community gathering in a beautiful backyard with a view of downtown Los Angeles. You’re surrounded by both friends and people you have yet to meet. You all came here to share in the same experience – an evening of music, drumming, sketch comedy and neighbors coming together.

This is exactly what happens at each Sunsets at Great Scott event.

Sunsets at Great Scott are community arts gatherings hosted by Jesse Macht and Jon Prescott in their Los Angeles backyard. Each event features different local performance groups and artists, and all are welcome to attend. The only requirement? Come prepared to learn, share and contribute so you can fully enjoy the evening.

Airstream is all about bringing people together for new experiences, so we were excited for the opportunity to sponsor the December 2016 Sunsets at Great Scott event. The theme of the evening was “Leave it beautiful,” and as far as the guests were concerned, mission accomplished!

The night kicked off with a drum circle led by Kerry “Shakerman” Greene, which got everyone involved and generated tons of great energy. Next up, guests were treated to musical performances by The Silver Lake Chorus and one of the hosts, singer-songwriter Jesse Macht. Sketch comedy group Story Pirates rounded out the evening with hilarious performances of stories that were written by students.

Check out a video of the evening at the top of this post.