Odds are you remember your first trip in an Airstream, probably quite vividly. It’s hard to forget the anticipation—and the tinge of nervousness—of trying something new, the thrill of going on an adventure and the excitement of getting to camp out in an Airstream! That’s what Susan Carpenter from the Orange County Register experienced when she got to take the Airstream Sport out on a full-weekend trip. She details the event in her article “A fun-filled weekend getaway” featured earlier this month.

As you may expect, she began her first trip with an Airstream with a bit of uncertainty. She wasn’t usually much of a camper, but figured that with all the comforts of home towing behind the Toyota Tundra TRD Pro, she would make an exception. Her first challenge came with towing the Airstream; however, with the help of two mini-navigators and the capabilities of the Tundra truck, she made it through the tricky trails leading into Gorman, California.

By the time the sun was setting, Susan was ready to set up the base camp and have dinner. She found that the hot dogs were actually best cooked on the Airstream stove rather than over a campfire. But that wasn’t the only thing about the Airstream that impressed Susan.

Susan said:

“The Sport may be the smallest, but its clever use of space offers a similar level of amenities (to other trailer options). Only a NASA engineer could design it more efficiently… Designed with utmost efficiency to maximize every last nook and cranny – with latched cabinets, Velcroed cushions, ledged refrigerator shelves and other systems to keep objects in place while towed – the updated Sport also has a kitchen table that transforms into a bed that sleeps two (children). The four back cushions Velcro together, keeping them in place whether they’re working as seats or spread out like puzzle pieces into a bed that uses the table top as its platform.”

We loved hearing about Susan’s experience and are reminded of the excitement that comes along with falling in love with Airstreams. Airstreams are designed to be comfortable homes even when travelers are out on the road, and that’s exactly what Susan found. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or enjoy the luxury of a plush bed and air conditioning, there’s an Airstream to suit your lifestyle. Taking a trip in an Airstream may seem intimidating at first, but after your experience living riveted, you may find returning at the end of the trip more difficult that you expected.

What was most memorable about your first trip in an Airstream? We’d love to hear! Share your story or a photo with us by commenting on our Facebook page.

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