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Organization Tips While on the Road

Did you know that the first week of October is “Get Organized Week?” In celebration we have decided to bring you some helpful tips and tricks to stay organized while on the road. The Live Riveted life should be a life filled with adventures and memories- not clutter! And when you are spending weeks, months or a year at a time in your Airstream, simplicity is key! See below for a few of our top organization tips:

-Cleaning Supplies: While having a tidy Airstream is a great thing, we have come to realize that all that cleaning gear can be bulky and take up un-wanted space inside your silver bullet. The solution? Search for travel-friendly supplies like a miniature broom, a handheld vacuum, and even travel-sized ironing board and iron. These smaller necessities allow for more space in your Airstream but allow you to keep it clean as well!

-Clothing: Our biggest piece of advice for packing in an Airstream is to pack smart- check the weather forecast and plan ahead for any specific outings that will require particular clothing items. Limit yourself to one pair of each type of shoe as well, like boots, tennis shoes, sandals, etc. And a great tip is to slim down your accessories as well- consolidate your items and bring one belt, a hat, and purse/bag to eliminate unnecessary clutter!

-Kitchen Storage Solutions; You never know what you might need on the road, so fitting all your supplies in your Airstream can be a tough order of business! Clear storage bins are great for holding snacks and other cooking necessities like sugar, dry pasta and flour. Bins that are easy to stack and tuck away inside cabinets are even better! We also recommend using wall hooks to hold kitchen utensils and pot holders as well as mounting foil and plastic wrap dispensers with plastic hooks on the inside of cabinet drawers for easy access!

-Toiletries: Bathrooms tend to be a space where clutter abounds, especially in Airstreams. We suggest getting things off the counter by hanging towels and shower gear around the bathroom. Utilize a shower rod or door and hang a canvas shoe holder on it- it is the perfect tool for keeping toothpaste, hairbrushes, lotion and makeup in one place!

Finally, we want to hear from you! Do you have a tried and true organization tip for your Airstream? Share them with us on our Facebook page, or even take a picture of your organization tip and post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!