Your Forests Your Future’s New Podcast: outLANDish


Airstream is thrilled to partner with the new Your Forests Your Future campaign as a sponsor of their podcast, outLANDish: voices from your public lands. These stories inspire the next great adventures for all kinds of people — vacationers, skiers, big water boaters, hunters & anglers, adventurers, family campers, and everything in between — on our nation’s public lands. The stories are coupled with current events and ideas for how to join the conversations regarding how public lands are managed.

outLANDish utilizes a recipe that recognizes that adventure + public lands + people = binge-worthy content that inspires listeners to further action. Tune in here for the full season of outLANDish, and follow along on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be part of the adventure.

pisodes include:

  • The story of the Iditarod, the Last Great Race through 1,000 miles of the most rugged and beautiful terrain on Earth (out now!);
  • Wild & Scenic Fossil Creek in Arizona: the last Apache secret outpost from the Western Trail of Tears, 19th century water rights and power plants, dam, all the way to up to WSR designation.
  • Disappearing glaciers in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, what scientists and archeologists are finding under them as they recede, and how to manage these disappearing resources;
  • Packrafting the South Fork of the Flathead River in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act, interspersed with interviews from the sons of the author of the Act, rivers that currently need voices, and how people can get involved;
  • Free transit from Los Angeles to the Angeles National Forest;
  • History of ranching in the West;
  • As well as episodes on hunting, wilderness, the 50th Anniversary of the National Trails Act, how social media is shaping the future and users of public lands, and more.

Your Forests Your Future is a national campaign run by a unique partnership between the U.S. Forest Service, the nonprofit organization Salmon Valley Stewardship, and the media company More Than Just Parks to get Americans involved in shaping the future of their national forests and everything in them, including wilderness, wild rivers, wildlife, campsites, fishing access, winter travel and more.

As Airstream seeks to create meaningful and memorable experiences for all people to enjoy the outdoors, we’re excited to partner with YFYF. We’re eager to help tell the story of why our forests matter and how people can join the conversation around their future.