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Road Trip Essentials

When packing for a journey sometimes your list of items to pack can seem over-the-top, daunting or overwhelming. These are the moments that leave us wondering which pieces are actually essential and which are unnecessary. To help ease the process, we’ve consulted full-time Airstreamer, Ramona Creel, on her road trip essentials and how her packing habits have changed over the years:

What are some of your Airstream road trip essentials?

I’m a fan of having extra supplies on hand in case the unexpectable occurs. I always carry an extra potable hose, in case my current one explodes. At least one extension cord comes in handy when your power hook-up is just a tad too far away from your rig’s parking space. Murphy’s Law also suggest the need for extra light bulbs, spare cotter pins for the time you accidentally lose yours while unhitching and some basic tools including a flathead, screwdrivers, hammer, wrench and/or pliers. You can also bring along a roll of good duct tape to deal with unexpected tears in your sewer hose and leaks in your water pipes.

Is there anything you couldn't live without while traveling?

Sunglasses, sunscreen, and an umbrella. I don’t care if I’m visiting Minnesota in the middle of winter – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in what I thought would be “gray” conditions, and found myself either blinded by the glare or unexpectedly sunburned.

What has changed over the years the longer you travel?

Now, we never leave town without filling up on pantry essentials. I love to cook, and especially enjoy trying or creating new recipes made with whatever’s regional and seasonal as we travel. It turns out that my base components aren’t particularly commonplace. I’ve discovered the hard way that there are plenty of towns in America where you can’t easily find real extra virgin olive oil, almond milk, miso, or a container of cardamom. And I don’t want to have a spectacular meal plan ruined by a lack of ingredients!

What would you recommend to someone hitting the road for the first time?

There’s a lot of stuff folks will tell you is “essential” to RVing that actually isn’t. For example, when I first took off Airstreaming, I was told you absolutely positively NEVER want to travel without a generator – so I bought one, and then never used it. Take any suggestions about something being “essential” with a grain of salt. You may have to engage in a little trial-and-error. Don’t be afraid to clean an “essential” out if you discover it’s less-than-vital to your style of travel. One person’s essential is another’s clutter.

Planning ahead and packing the essentials for any road trip adventure. Share with us what essentials you always pack before hitting the road on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We would love to share your wisdom with the Airstream community!