Stream the Big Game from Anywhere with Airstream Connected

Airstream® Ambassador Jake Kahut

With fall already here and football season in full swing, everyone wants the best of both worlds. Watching their favorite college and pro teams while hanging out in the woods in their Airstream. With the built-in antenna, you would be lucky to get local channels to watch a blurry version of your team. Is there anything worse than seeing a pass go into the air and the connection cutting out right at the moment of truth? Who caught it? Interception? Touchdown? Referee missed another call? You’ll never know when watching on an old school antenna.

My wife and I have been traveling in our 2011 Flying Cloud 27FB around the country promoting her book Chasing the Bright Side, as well as stopping at Children’s Hospitals to donate headbands from her company, Headbands of Hope, to sick children. There’s nothing better after a long day of driving than sitting down and enjoying a nice Thursday night football game to help wind down. My wife can even watch Netflix while I’m enjoying the game on another device.

This spring, Airstream debuted an exclusive partnership with AT&T to help Streamers everywhere stay connected. The device simply turns cellular data into a personal Wi-Fi hotspot with NO OVERAGES on the unlimited plan. You heard me right, you could stream videos 24/7/365 and never be throttled down. As long as you have cell phone coverage you will be able to use Airstream Connected. And the Wi-Fi even connects when you’re driving in the car, so when we’re on the road, I can listen to my favorite sports podcast Pardon My Take and not use any data. It’s also great for using any of your GPS apps like Waze or Google Maps, as you won’t be constantly using your precious data while driving through unknown territory.

I grew up around Raleigh, North Carolina and I am a huge NC State Wolfpack fan. We were playing our rival the first game of the season, and due to technical issues with local stations my friends who were located in Raleigh couldn't watch the game! We were traveling in Oregon with our Airstream at the time and thanks to Airstream Connected we were able to not only stream the game on our laptop, but I was able to FaceTime my friends back home simultaneously and rub it in. My wife and I always joke the Wi-Fi is better in the Airstream than when we had a house, but it’s the truth! The best part is even if you don’t have AT&T cell service at a location, you can use the device as a booster for campground Wi-Fi.

Fellow campers often ask how I’m watching live sports out of my area, and most are jealous when they realize both the simplicity of Airstream Connected and that it’s reserved exclusively for us Streamers. Airstream Connected is definitely a touchdown in my book!