Today marks the first day of my two-month adventure. I will be traveling the country visiting fellow Airstreamers and Dreamers, going to various parks and living the riveted lifestyle that Airstream embraces and fosters. I have worked with Airstream’s marketing department for the past few years and like so many others have been infected with the silver bug. That desire (need!) to get out, explore, and see all the glorious wonders this world has to offer has been deeply rooted in my heart.

Before the start of this trip, I was asked to put together my bucket list of activities and experiences that I would like to accomplish. So what was the first thing on my list? To attend an Airstream event of course! My first stop is none other than Urban Air, and let IMG_5674me tell you what a sight to see more than 100 Airstreams lined up along the streets of downtown Eaton Rapids, Michigan! Everyone is so hospitable and courteous, which only deepens my appreciation and desire to see and do so much more. The beautiful reflection of the lights on an ocean of aluminum brings shivers to my skin.

While putting together my bucket list, I realized that it was limited to only the things of which I am currently aware. (Visiting National Parks, participating in community & non-profit events, adventurous quests such as climbing a 14,000-foot mountain, and so on).

What I would like to ask: would be willing to help me to build my bucket list? Here is a map of the journey I will be taking and the dates I will be at those locations. If you have suggestions or ideas of places I should stay, or things I should do please let me know.

I will be documenting and sharing my trip through Airstream’s social channels as well as my own. If you follow #liverivetedtour, you can see my progress.

Even better: Would you like to join me? Whether you are able to join for a day or a week physically, or can only join me virtually, I welcome the company and look forward to the many friendships developed through this journey. So here’s to the dream and aspirations that Wally Byam started so many years ago and to the bold stories that we all hope to tell! As we all know, the real adventure is the journey and not the destination.

Follow Brett Schwab as he embarks on the Live Riveted Tour, a two-month nationwide Airstream adventure. Along the way he’ll be joined by friends old and new, discovering new experiences and lending a helping hand to non-profits and charitable organizations along the way.

Keep up with his trip online at, by searching the hashtag #liverivetedtour and on Instagram. Share destinations he should visit, or even join him in his travels!

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