I just cancelled a trip I was planning on taking this summer. Decided it was not economically feasible.

Ugh. What a letdown.

But only sort of. And not for long. Really, much to my surprise, my overall feeling is one of relief. Joy, even.

Yes, it’s a place I want to go. However, the power of making what I know instinctively is the right decision can trump all else when it comes to inner peace. That’s what’s happening here. I am confident it will all make sense in the end.

While still processing this, I plopped down and watched the Tony Awards for some diversion. Then, presto, I decided on my salve. Theatre!

As I write this, there are plans in the works to secure tickets for three Broadway plays. Isn’t this one of the best reasons to live adjacent to Manhattan?

While I’m also entertaining other travel ideas, what’s important for me to remember is to continually tune into things that give rise to wishes or things that transport. The way a book does. Or the way a photo in a travel magazine can make you long for a certain destination right there on the spot. Seeing the crème de la crème in entertainment ticks those boxes.

Watching the Tony Awards also gives us a glimpse of people who Live Riveted to something so wholeheartedly they are being celebrated for it. Audra McDonald wins her record sixth Tony and it’s still emotional and new. She doesn’t rest on her laurels. She’s still in a place where she’s thanking people who convinced her she could do what she didn’t think she could – play Billie Holiday. Let me emphasize – she has surrounded herself with others who buoy and support her. A key to meaningful living.

I was overflowing with emotion watching her in her moment. Such grace and beauty.

It seems only natural, then, that my next thought was, “I must see that play.” People rooted in their passion are so darned attractive. Watching them in their art can be as uplifting and inspiring as any sunset or walk in a forest. Take me on your ride, please, even for a few minutes. I’ll consider it a privilege to watch you shine.

I am fortunate. The people shining in my ‘backyard’ get some pretty good press. All I have to do is pay attention to the opportunities that are there every single day. My only limitations are the ones I place on myself.

Sometimes it’s a wise move to postpone a trip. I’m happy to not be lingering in disappointment. It has allowed for so much to come in already. Like many, I can get mired in detail or the “not today, but maybe soon” place. I’ve been trying to strike “someday” from my vocabulary this year and replace it with “if not now, when?”

This day, this time, is about curtains opening, orchestras booming, artists of the highest caliber performing, shared experiences in a theatre seat, lights, tears, laughter.

All of that. And a few curtain calls, to boot.

By Nancy Colasurdo


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