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Your Class B RV Tire Questions Answered


Tires for your RV aren’t exactly the same as tires for your everyday vehicle. We’re here to answer your questions on what you should look for when you’re buying new tires, how to maintain your existing tires, and when it’s time for a replacement. 

What Tires Come on Airstream Touring Coaches and Why?

We choose to partner with Mercedes-Benz® for the engineering, design, and foundational features that go into each and every Airstream Touring Coach, and that includes high-performance tires. 

Standard with the chassis are Continental tires in varying sizes depending on the touring coach. For the Interstate 19 that includes four tires with two on each axle. For the Interstate 24GL, Interstate 24GT, and Atlas, you get two front tires and four rear tires to handle the weight distribution of the expansive cabin. Weight distribution is important not just for tire life but also for the quality of your ride when you’re on the road. 

Continental tires are perfect for our coaches due to their handling, stability, and long-lasting tread. 

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What Makes a Good Class B RV Tire?

If you’re looking for a replacement tire for your existing Class B RV tire, you should first look for all-weather design. You want a tire that can handle any season with ease, as you might be traveling from one climate to another in a period of days, not weeks or months. We also recommend a tire that has low road noise and smooth handling. And of course, an RV tire has a higher weight rating than a normal passenger vehicle, so make sure the tire you choose is rated properly. Head to your nearest tire center with those parameters in mind, and you’ll be able to find the perfect tire for your Class B RV. 

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What Does it Look Like When Your RV Tires Need Replacing?

Keep an eye on your RV tires and check the tread and wear often, and especially before every trip you take.

Look at the wear of the tire and see if it’s uneven on the inside (closest to your vehicle) or outside (closest to the road) of the tire, which could mean there is a problem with your RV’s alignment. 

You’ll also want to keep an eye out for spotty patches or thinning in any areas of the tires that seem uneven with the rest. This could be caused by an issue with your RV’s balancing or brakes. 

Tire tread should always remain 2/32 of an inch or thicker to be effective on the road. A good trick to measure the tread of your tires is to place a penny into the tread. If the tread comes up to Abraham Lincoln’s head or higher on the penny, you should be in good shape. Any lower, and you’re ready for a replacement.

If you’re driving a Class B RV like the Interstate 19, make sure to get your tires rotated on a regular basis, such as when you’re getting your oil changed or right before you head out on a trip. If you’re driving an Atlas or larger RV with more than two tires on a single axle, rotation doesn’t have the same effect, since the tires are designed for specific locations. In that case, when your tires show signs of wear, you’ll want to replace them (which is often less expensive than rotating them would be). 

And though it seems simple, one of the best ways to maintain your tires is to make sure they’re always filled to the right air pressure. Air pressure for your Airstream Touring Coach tires is detailed in your owner’s manual, and here’s a handy guide. 

Airstream Touring
Coach Model

Front Tire

Rear Tire

Atlas 61 psi 58 psi
Interstate 24GL 61 psi 58 psi
Interstate 24GT 58 psi 58 psi
Interstate 19 47 psi 70 psi


How Do You Prep Your RV Tires for Long-term Storage Off Season?

If you’re parking your RV for the winter or any longer than a month or so, we recommend (carefully) raising the psi (air pressure) in your tires a little bit above the normal recommendation. This helps reduce any flat spotting where the tire sits on the ground for long periods of time without moving. When you’re ready to take your RV out on the road again, be sure to lower the air pressure back to the recommended setting first. 

See How Our Tires Handle for Yourself.

If you’re curious about Airstream Touring Coach tires, the best way to get to know them is to take a test drive at your nearest authorized Airstream dealer. You’ll feel the difference as soon as you get behind the wheel. 

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