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Hope through music

Musician helps Ohio organization raise funds for music therapy At an event in Columbus, Ohio last week, musician Mat Kearney performed an acoustic set of his chart-topping hits to a rapt crowd. It was an intimate evening of music that raised funds for Sam’s Fans, an organization dedicated to bringing music and art therapy to children facing life-threatening illness. Founded by Nikki McCarthy, Sam’s Fans honors the life of Nikki’s daughter Samantha who passed away in 2009 at the age of eleven. In the first grade, Sam was diagnosed with Fanconi Anemia, a disease that can lead to bone marrow

A-List: The Flowered Life

As Airstreamers, we are as varied as the vistas we discover during our travels, yet we share some of the same core values. Perhaps most common is a love of the outdoors and a deep appreciation for nature and all its bounty. The folks at The Flowered Life are part of our tribe, too. This company sees the value in doing things naturally and holds itself to the highest environmental standards. The result is a line of products that keep your body and mind happy. Flowered Life balms and salves are eco-friendly and straight from the heart – they use

A-List: Treepod

Your Airstream delivers you to beautiful places. Some days you want to make the most of actively exploring the landscape around you. On others, it feels good to just bask in the nature that abounds. For those days when you just want to hang out, TreePod lends a helping hand (or seat, as it were) and hangs out with you. Designed as a spacious, suspended retreat, a TreePod combines elements of three outdoor favorites – the hammock, tent and camp chair. It’s a nifty, comfy place to relax and recharge while gently swaying in the breeze. All you need to

A-List: NEMO Equipment

There are so many ways to enjoy nature with your Airstream – hiking, biking, swimming, canoeing, kayaking and, yes, just sitting. When it’s time to quietly meditate on the grandeur of the natural world, head for the Stargaze Recliner Chair from NEMO Equipment. Picture yourself sitting by the campfire as the sky fades to darkness and the stars begin to peek out. Now imagine that you have a swinging, reclining chair that allows you to gaze at the twinkling heavens above comfortably. This is the Stargaze Recliner Chair, the best seat in the celestial house. The Stargaze offers a new

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