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A-List: Instant Pot

Bring the warmth and cheer of slow-cooked meals with you on your next Airstream outing. With the Duo Mini Instant Pot, a delicious dinner (or breakfast or lunch) is just the press of a button away. The Duo Mini Instant Pot is a multifunctional dynamo that will impress even the pickiest chef. It brings together seven different cooking methods in one nifty unit: pressure cooking, slow cooking, rice and porridge cooking, yogurt making, searing and sautéing, steaming, and warming. During the cooking process, the Instant Pot monitors both pressure and temperature, keeps time, and continually adjusts heating intensity and duration

Argosy Odyssey: An Airstream’s blank canvas becomes a work of art

Note: This is Part 2 of a series on the Argosy line of travel trailers Airstream produced in the 70s and 80s. Part 1 is a history of these curious, painted Airstream cousins. Today, the Argosy owner community is strong, full of talented and creative people who often use the painted surface of their Argosy as a blank slate. It’s hard to put a dramatic twist on an American icon. The familiar Airstream shape is instantly recognizable, and the silver aluminum shell magnetically draws eyes up and down the highway. One look at Cate and Chad Battles’ 1976 Airstream Argosy,

A-List: Vacilando Quilting Co.

Meet Laura Preston, owner of Vacilando Quilting Co. and a fellow Airstreamer. Preston is on a quest to connect people with the beauty of her travels through a true piece of Americana – inspired handmade quilts. Living a nomadic lifestyle and working out of her Airstream studio/home, Preston spins the scenery around her into beautiful textile representations of what she experiences. The result is a refreshing and modern take on the tradition of quilting. For Preston, Vacilando quilts represent a powerful duality. They are evocative pieces of art and craftsmanship meant for use in everyday life. In line with the

Argosy: A short history of the painted Airstream

If your eyes are always drawn to gleaming, silver Airstreams as you pass them on the highway you’d be forgiven for taking a second look (or third, or fourth) when you see your first Argosy trailer. With domed end caps and panoramic windows, Argosy trailers look a lot like Airstreams. Instead of the iconic shiny shell, though, Argosy trailers sport an eye-catching paint job. Often they feature their original color scheme of creamy white and dusty tan with maroon accents. Sometimes you’ll see a custom painted Argosy with striking designs. Talk to any Argosy owner and it’s clear that the

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