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Airstream Interstate: Built to Last

At Airstream, we’ve never been interested in the easiest or the fastest way of building any of our products. We’re focused on the right way. That’s why each and every Airstream Interstate Touring Coach is built by people, not machines. It’s the kind of true craftsmanship that may take a little longer, but always carries the promise of the very best end product, every single time. Listen to Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler talk more about how each Interstate is nothing if not well built. “At Airstream it really starts with craftsmanship. We’re an 85-year-old company that has a history and

Airstream Interstate: Airstream + Mercedes-Benz

A partnership between Airstream and Mercedes-Benz feels like it was meant to happen. Both are icons to quality, built on a refusal to settle for anything less than the best. The Airstream Interstate Touring Coach lives up to both names, a perfect example of performance, durability, convenience, and design working in harmony. Each Interstate is packed with best-in-class features, built with only the best features, and held to the absolute highest of standards. Listen to Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler talk more about the partnership that takes the Interstate to the next level. “The partnership with Mercedes-Benz from the beginning has

Shrinking In Comparison

This article is part ten of a series about the Airstream Caravan in Europe. To read additional entries, click the links at the end of this entry. Rome. The Eternal City. We traveled back in time as we walked its streets, meandered through the Forum, toured the Colosseum, and ventured underground through the catacombs. The Pantheon, one of the only intact Roman buildings, has a free-standing dome so large you marvel at how architects and engineers could design and build such a structure, many years ago. You feel lost in the enormity of the city, feeling like you’re shrinking in

Airstream Interstate: Luxury

A combination of the unrelenting standards of Airstream and Mercedes-Benz, the Interstate Touring Coach Series is nothing if not luxurious. Sophisticated choices are everywhere, from the rich touches of style inside to the performance and durability outside. It’s a level of luxury that rivals what you’d find in a private jet. Listen to Airstream CEO Bob Wheeler talk more about the luxury we’ve built into each and every Interstate. “When we developed the interior of the Interstate, we tried to combine luxury, comfort, convenience and practicality, much the way you would in the inside of a private jet. Whether it’s

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