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The holidays can be hard. Feel like getting away?

Let’s face it: between orchestrating flawless meals, rolling with surprise family visits, and finding the perfect gifts for everyone, the holidays can be…a lot. We get it. And we think you deserve something nice for yourself this year. The You Deserve It Sales Event is all about treating yourself to something you’ve always wanted: adventure. And we’re making it easier than ever. From now until Dec. 31, 2017, you can save up to $2,500 off a brand new 2017 Airstream. Find the Airstream that’s perfect for you, claim your rebate, take it to your dealer and let the getaway of

Things We Love: Treehouse Chocolate

Is there any better way to end a chilly day of exploration than to cozy into your Airstream with an indulgent treat, like a steaming cup of drinking chocolate? Thanks to Treehouse Chocolate, the art of packaged hot chocolate has been elevated to new heights and new flavors. Founder Aaron Koch drew inspiration for Portland-based Treehouse Chocolate from his experience living in a treehouse in Hawaii and working as a cacao farmer. He explains, “Since chocolate bars melt, I developed a single-serving drinking chocolate that can be made using just hot water… it’s darn good stuff!” Take one sip of

Things We Love: Lems

Pity the foot. Does any body part suffer more in the pursuit of style? It doesn’t have to be that way. Just ask the crew at Lems Shoes, makers of footwear that manages to look great while prioritizing the support and comfort of your feet. Lems offers two styles that are perfect for the Airstream life. The Mariner is a 21st century update of the familiar boatshoe. Lems’ version (available for both men and women) features a full-grain leather upper and an insole made of newly designed open-cell leather. The result is a shoe that keeps your feet fresh and

Airstream and VisionMark Nameplate Company: Partners in Craftsmanship

For more than 15 years, VisionMark Nameplate Company has manufactured the oval badges that adorn every Airstream Recreational Vehicle. It’s a lasting partnership between two all-American companies located 20 miles away from each other in rural Ohio. Both VisionMark Nameplate Company and Airstream use teams of skilled laborers doing highly customized work. There’s no way to automate what they do. Over the course of almost 300 hours, many hands touch an Airstream. Workers rivet aluminum sheets, install furniture, and run ductwork, electrical lines, and plumbing. Likewise, VisionMark Nameplate Company products go through a hands-on process to create the etched zinc badges

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