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Customer Council

On Airstream’s inaugural globetrot, Wally Byam discovered the power of open communication between his customers and the designers, engineers, and builders back at HQ. His insight and attention to feedback from Airstream owners was essential to the company’s early success. Those small ideas often led to lasting innovations. That tradition continues today.

The Airstream Customer Council (ACC) carries forward Wally Byam’s vision of continuous improvement through real-world feedback. The volunteer positions on the council provide strategic insight on how Airstreamers play, work, learn, and live while traveling. The council is an essential part of improving the Airstream experience across the board – not just the products, but the sales, service, and owner experience as well. ACC members serve a one-year, volunteer term.

What Members are Saying about the ACC

“I enjoyed the senior leadership involvement in the meetings. They demonstrated commitment to the customer base, employees, and future of the company.”

“Thank you for the opportunity. I am still impressed that Airstream runs the ACC and talks directly to customers in this way. It was a privilege to participate!”

“If you love Airstream, you can make it even better.”


An Impactful First Year

The first official Airstream Customer Council was created in 2019 to give owners a larger role in the future of the brand. After an impactful first year, we have adopted 21 product and customer experience improvements recommended by the advisory group.

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Interested In Joining the ACC?

The application for the 2021 cohort closed December 31, 2020. If you're interested in joining the ACC, keep an eye on your email inbox for next year.