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Interstate 24GL Features

Interstate Spotlight Video

Take a closer look at the Interstate – both inside and out. See how the 24GL and 24GT floor plans compare to each other, and how the best is built into every area.

Airstream Interstate Lounge EXT Seating

Luxurious Ultraleather® Seating for Up to Nine

Right when you step inside, four upscale upholstered captain’s chairs make an impression, along with a sofa and two more side seats in the back. Each seat is covered in Ultraleather®, a supple yet soft fabric that not only looks great but also stands up to wear and tear. It resists temperature change and is easy to clean, pet-friendly, and won’t scratch or stain – so that first impression feeling lasts for years to come.


Two Widescreen SMART LED HD TVs

Heading to a game or a weekend away in the Lounge is an instantly elevated experience, thanks to the entertainment onboard. A TV at the front of the main cabin is perfect for passengers in the captain’s chairs, while riders in the back have their own TV. Your entertainment options in the Interstate 24GL will make the time on the road fly by.

Convenient Onboard Bathroom

The onboard bathroom makes road trips and tailgating that much more enjoyable, with the freedom to stop whenever you want and have everything you need with you. The European-style space neatly houses a sink, shower, and toilet, plus a built-in shampoo, conditioner, and body wash station and a clothesline.

Premium Air Ride Suspension

The rear of the Interstate 24GL is equipped with our exclusive optional Air Ride Suspension which adjusts itself to bumps in the road, changes in elevation, and changes in wind resistance, so you can enjoy a smooth ride, mile after mile.

Four-Wheel or All-Wheel Drive When You Need It

An optional on-demand Four-Wheel or All-Wheel drive system from Mercedes-Benz gives you added stability and control. Load-Adaptive Electronic Stability and Electronic Traction systems work together to ensure your 24GL is prepared for inclement road conditions.

E1 Package

A new, optional upgrade for Airstream touring coaches combines an enhanced energy system with a single-fuel-source heating and hot water system. Now available across Airstream’s lineup of Mercedes-Benz® touring coaches, the E1 Package simplifies the travel experience with powerful off-grid camping performance.

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Extra Sleeping Space with Cockpit Bed

Transform the cockpit of your touring coach into an extra bed in a few quick steps. This aftermarket option is proudly designed and made in the USA, comes with a blanket and carrying case, and is made with water-resistant, marine grade vinyl coated fabric.

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