Sport Spotlight Video

Take a virtual tour of the Sport and see how the sleeping, dining, cooking, and lounging space is cleverly arranged.


A bed for two, plus a dinette for two more

If you’re ready to get away for a weekend adventure with your partner, the Sport Travel Trailer is perfect. But it’s also a great way to bring some family, friends, and pets along for the trip, too. Two people can comfortably sleep in the dedicated bed, and you can easily and quickly convert the dinette into extra sleeping space for two, then convert it back when you’re ready for breakfast the next day.


Air conditioning and heating

Temperature can easily make or break any camping trip. But with the Sport’s air conditioner and auxiliary heat strip, you’ll stay comfortable no matter where you are and what the weather is like outside. The heat strip gives you the flexibility to use electricity to keep your Sport warm and toasty. And on nice days, the Fantastic Fan helps pull fresh air into the cabin.


Spacious rear bath

The 22FB Sport floor plan features a spacious bathroom that spans the whole back of the trailer, with a wood door and a window. A standalone shower includes a built-in seat, and a vanity with cabinet storage gives you plenty of space to get ready.


Exterior shower

In the 16RB floor plan, a pass-through is built into the exterior wall, designed to let you slide the interior showerhead through and use it outside as a way to clean off your gear or to shower up before you come inside.

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