Touring Coaches

A Décor for Everyone

Airstream Touring Coach décor options let you pick the style to match your personality

The way you decorate and the décor you surround yourself with says a lot about your personality and what you prioritize. Décor sets the tone for the room, subtly speaking to the mindset of the person who made those choices. Though centered on opposite ends of the spectrum, a room filled with farmhouse modern furniture says as much about the resident as a room hung with neon signs and posters thumb-tacked to the wall.

Airstream touring coaches start with a Mercedes-Benz<sup>®</sup> chassis, but the interior is one-hundred percent Airstream. No matter which décor you choose, the interior of an Airstream touring coach is thoughtfully designed by Airstream’s expert team. Every surface, cabinet, and window treatment tells a story. From the flooring to the roof lockers, an Airstream touring coach not only incorporates all the conveniences you want – but it looks great too.


The Décors

Airstream décors are selected with great thought put toward letting your personality shine. Whether you want a dark, dramatic interior or a light and airy one, your Airstream touring coach is your home on wheels and is a reflection of who you are and what you want out of your travels.

The colors, tones, and contrasts all play a role in setting the stage. Airstream’s interior design team carefully selects materials and color palettes that give every aspiring owner a variety of excellent options. With that in mind, we break down the various décor options available on every Airstream touring coach available in the 2020 and 2021 model years. Moving from lightest to darkest on the color wheel, we’ll take a deep dive into the material and color choices that make up the interior of these luxurious motorhomes.


Lux White

Airstream Interstate Lounge Lux White Interior

Lux White Decor Board

The lightest of the décor options, the name Lux White gives a certain nod to elegance and refinement. While every Airstream motor coach exclaims luxury, the Lux White decor package brings with it a timeless elegance that can only be found with such a clean color palette.

The seats are wrapped in ultra-soft, ultra-plush, Ultraleather<sup>®</sup> in the color Casper. Ultraleather truly defines luxury in fabric. There is good reason Ultraleather sits comfortably atop the A-list across many industries, including the RV space. These durable and beautiful materials are meticulously designed for ultimate softness and easy clean up of spills. Ultraleather was created with the goal of changing the expectations for what a performance fabric should be and how it should feel. Elevating the experience beyond that of traditional leather, Ultraleather delivers an experience unlike any other.

The flooring in Lux White is a marine-woven synthetic blend in the color Frosted Mink – the perfect blend of color to introduce a contrasting pattern to the lower levels of the interior. Incredibly durable, easily cleaned and maintained, the flooring perfectly sets off the seats and the rest of the interior color palette. You’re not only surrounded by elegant design – you quite literally walk upon it.

Wrapping the wall panels is a rich grey material aptly named Carbon. The robust tones give a sense of depth and space to the interior, making the most of the compact nature of any Class B van. Much like the floor, the texture of the material is a brilliant contrast to the Ultraleather-clad seats, and is a treat for any to behold.

Airstream Interstate Nineteen Lux White Interior

Moving on to the laminate-finished cabinetry and wood-accents, the Grey Cedar is a subtly-soft grey with brilliant wood-graining throughout. Not overpowering, and yet not so subtle as to be unnoticed, the Grey Cedar is the perfect blend of sophistication and approachability. The countertops sitting atop the Grey Cedar cabinetry are the beautiful Deep Night Sky Corian<sup>®</sup) solid surface countertops by DuPont™. As the darkest element included with the Lux White decor package, the countertops become a focal point, and the depth of color is a dramatic and well-placed bedfellow to the rest of the interior.


Modern Greige

Airstream Atlas Modern Greige Interior

Modern Greige Decor Board

If you are unfamiliar with design shows or don’t stay up on design trends, the word “greige” might be unfamiliar to you. However, the creation of the word – similar to the creation of the color itself – is rather simple. Greige is simply beige + grey. The addition of grey to beige creates a richer color; one that can work in both cool and warm color schemes. The ratio of beige to grey in your greige determines whether it is a cool or warm neutral.

This Modern Greige décor borrows several elements from the Lux White package, with a few thoughtful and intentional changes that augment the overall look and feel of the interior. While Lux White definitely has a timeless, classy tone, the Modern Greige interior feels like its younger, more relaxed sibling.

The seating, still wrapped in that luxurious Ultraleather, is in the color Moonshine – a beautiful and warm “greige” color. The tone is inviting, and as you sink into the plush seats for a conversation or a drive, the warmth of the color seemingly ushers a peacefulness in as your companion.

Airstream Interstate Grand Tour Modern Greige Interior

Along with the seating, you’ll find the same Frost Mink flooring that you find in the Lux White edition. Married with the warmer tones of the Ultraleather, the hues in the flooring seam calmer and less of a contrast. The same Deep Night Sky Corian countertops and Grey Cedar laminate accent the interior brilliantly, bringing both wood grain textures and luxury along.

In contrast to Lux White, the walls here are clad with a lighter fabric named Hitch Avalanche. The pattern inside the fabric is just enough to delight your eye and any design enthusiast, but also faint enough to fade into the comfortable and luxurious background. The injection of a brighter color amplifies the interior, creating a comfortable, inviting, and elegant space.


Refined Brown

Airstream Interstate Grand Tour Refined Brown Interior

Refined Brown Decor Board

Think of your grandfather’s couch in his smoking-room, or the well-worn leather sofa that adorned the corner of your father’s office: The rich, smokey leather worn to perfection, with an air of importance and ultimate relaxation that comes with time.

Welcome to the Refined Brown décor package. Seeking to whisk you back to those same feelings, Refined Brown mimics the feel and experience of that very same sofa. The appropriately named Brandy Ultraleather-covered seats don’t have the worn appearance that the aforementioned sofa might’ve had, however the gorgeous creamy, brown color seeks to evoke the same sense of dignity and relaxation.

The Stallion Black marine grade synthetic flooring is a darker material than you find in Airstream’s lighter décor packages, but expertly sets off the brown tones contained in the seating. It also contrasts perfectly with the Hitch Avalanche wall material borrowed from the Modern Greige interior.

Airstream Interstate Nineteen Refined Brown Interior

The Corian countertops are a brilliant Venaro White, which is just the pop of light that this interior needs. Keeping with the almost old-world appeal, this is the only coach interior where the laminate color Drift is incorporated. A full-bodied and yet understated brown color, Drift brings full-circle the well-aged and wood-toned appeal of this interior.


Formal Black

Airstream Interstate Nineteen Formal Black Interior

Formal Black Decor Board

As if the name wasn’t signal enough, the Formal Black interior is the tuxedo of the interior décor options. It is truly grandeur and sophistication on wheels.

The jet-black Ultraleather seating is aptly named Crow. The plush, ebony-toned seats are akin to a leather-covered throne and exude the sophistication of a certain iconic British spy.

Returning to the Grey Cedar laminate discussed above as well as the Carbon wall material and the Stallion Black flooring, the interior completely embraces the motif of a dimly-lit space designated for formal occasions and gatherings.

Airstream Atlas Formal Black Interior

To stave off the complete black-out that could accompany the combination of so many darker-toned elements, the Corian countertops are the brilliant Venaro White – à la the stark white shirt popping out beneath the formal, black tuxedo. Gentlemanly and refined, Formal Black is ready for a night out or a trip to the tennis club.


Of course, if the island life is more your speed, then you'll for sure want to check out the Tommy Bahama<sup>®</sup> Special Edition coaches. Made in every floor plan Airstream manufacturers, the Tommy Bahama Special Edition Atlas and the Tommy Bahama Special Edition Interstates combine all that you love and trust from Airstream and Mercedes-Benz<sup>®</sup> and add in a little touch of relaxation and sand.

From clean and crisp colors to warm inviting tones, the four décor options offered inside the Airstream touring coaches have something for any use-case and for any occasion. Designed and developed with only the very best materials and hand-crafted by expert artisans, the entire line-up of coaches offered by Airstream are a cut above in all regards, and certainly in design and aesthetic appeal.


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