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Explore the Mercedes-Benz<sup>®</sup> safety features standard on Airstream touring coaches.

A key selling feature for any vehicle is safety, and certainly this is true when it comes to the recreational vehicle space. A larger vehicle potentially means more blind spots, more difficulty maneuvering, and more effect from crosswind. Larger RVs are also heavier and require more distance to come to a complete stop. And for many people there’s a learning curve because an RV is a far cry from the daily driver we’re used to.

While Airstream<sup>®</sup> has always been known for comfort, luxury, travel, and adventure, when it comes to safety we also lead the pack. Building on the Mercedes-Benz<sup>®</sup> chassis provides a great foundation: The German auto-maker is known for their dependability and precision. But it’s not just a dependable chassis that separates Airstream from other manufacturers. It’s also the fact that Airstream includes every safety upgrade offered by Mercedes-Benz<sup>®</sup> as standard on every single Airstream touring coach.

It’s not just good-enough to build on a reliable chassis. It is vital that customers are as safe as possible while living out their dreams in an Airstream touring coach. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the premium safety features offered standard on every 2020 Airstream touring coach.


Active Brake Assist

Responsive braking is key to safety when traveling in any vehicle. Depending on what you drive on your regular commute, any of the best-in-class Airstream touring coaches are likely heavier than what you’re used to. That means the typical time it takes you to stop has been elongated. Rather than walk you through a physics lesson and the formula for stopping distance (which, if you’re interested, is stopping distance equals velocity squared, divided by the coefficient of friction, multiplied by the gravitational acceleration, multiplied by 2), here’s what you need to know: The heavier the vehicle, the longer it’ll take to stop.

Active Brake Assist can warn you of oncoming danger and brake for you. And it’s the only system on the market that can recognize pedestrians and brake for you. In short, with Active Brake Assist, you are safer on your journey.

Active Brake Assist


Attention Assist

For you road warriors that laugh at a mere 8-10 hour drive, this safety feature is critical. If you’ve ever had the experience of your mind drifting away and not remembering the last few minutes of drive-time or how you ended up in the fast-food parking lot, then you’ve experienced highway hypnosis firsthand. It goes without saying that fatigued driving is not a good idea in any situation.

The Attention Assist feature can head that danger off before it becomes an issue. Attention Assist monitors your driving patterns for signs of fatigue, and gives you an early warning to make sure you are not driving drowsy. Like the backseat driver we all need at times, this safety feature will prompt you to take a break when it determines one might be helpful.

Attention Assit


Active Distance Assist Distronic

While cruise control has its many benefits, it can be annoying when you set the cruise control only to have to step on the brake seconds later due to a slow down. Mercedes-Benz<sup>®</sup> has the solution for that built into your Airstream motor-home standard.

The Active Distance Assist Distronic helps you to keep your distance. This feature automatically slows down or speeds up based on traffic, and will keep a safe distance from other vehicles while doing so. No more fears of tailgating while your cruise-control is set, this feature allows you to determine a safe and comfortable distance, set the cruise-control, and then feel safer knowing that the system is working to keep you safe.

Active Distance Assist


Traffic Sign Assist

Speed limits can change rapidly and sometimes in places where you don’t expect them to. The Traffic Sign Assist helps you monitor speed limits as you travel down the road. This feature can help you monitor the current speed limit so that you can adjust as necessary.

Active Traffic Sign Assist


LED Performance Headlights

Driving in the twilight hours or in the dark increases the hazards around you simply because upcoming dangers can’t be rapidly identified. With the integration of LED Performance Headlights, you are protected that much more by seeing more clearly.

Not only do these headlights give your vehicle a contemporary and sleek appearance, they also help you see the road ahead more clearly, increasing your safety on the road.

LED High Performance Headlights


Emergency Call

In the unfortunate event that you are involved in an accident in your 2020 Airstream touring coach, this built-in feature is designed to recognize that an accident has taken place and automatically call for an emergency response.

Emergency Call System


Wet Wiper System

More than any other time, the safety features built into your touring coach are more important during inclement weather. The Wet Wiper System from Mercedes-Benz<sup>®</sup> – built standard into the 2020 Airstream Touring Coaches – will help clear things up in times of bad weather. The enhanced windscreen wipers give you a clean line of sight if you need to use your wipers while you travel.

Wet Wiper System


Active Lane Keeping Assist

This feature prompts you in several different ways if you are veering over into another lane. When the system senses the vehicle crossing over marked lines on the road without the turn signal being activated, the Active Lane Keeping Assist system alerts you with a sound as well as with a visual reminder. The system also applies brake pressure to bring you fully back into the lane.

Active Lane Keeping Assist


When seeking out the perfect motor-home for you and your family, one thing that should be high on your priority list is safety. Along with exterior styling and the amenities you desire, your safety and that of your passengers is a key consideration. With upgrade features included as standard from Airstream<sup>®</sup> and Mercedes-Benz<sup>®</sup>, you’ll not only love how your Airstream touring coach looks and functions – but also how safe and secure you feel while out on the road.

To see and experience all of the safety features provided, reach out to your local dealer and schedule an appointment.


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