Boondocking Challenge

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What does boondocking mean?
By Tiny Shiny Home

One reason we love our  renovated 1972 Airstream Sovereign is that it’s built like a tank, making it perfect for boondocking.

Boondocking means going off-grid – taking your RV onto unimproved land without power, water or sewer connections. Airstreamers have been boondocking since the first Silver Bullets rolled off the assembly line.

Airstream Travel Trailer Boondocking

Why in the world would anyone want to do that?

In a word, romance.

When you think about camping, there’s this romantic vision in your head of a gorgeous, remote area. Maybe some snowcapped mountains to your left, a lake to your right or perhaps even a wildflower field behind you. Your Airstream is sparkling in the setting desert sun. Nearby, there are unique rock formations to climb and cacti dotting the endless landscape. The sun wakes you up in the morning and the wind cools you off at night. Coyotes sing you to sleep.

Airstream Travel Trailer Boondocking

In this vision, you step outside of your trailer each day and set off on a new adventure, exploring the remote terrain. There’s no next-door neighbors who let their dog relieve itself in your minuscule yard or complain when your kids are too loud.

There’s no 12-page resort rule book about check-out times, leashed pets or designated parking. There’s just you, the mountains, the stars and the silence.

In short, romance.

And then we pull up to a cramped, regulated, noisy RV park and – poof! – no more romantic vision.

I still remember the first time we boondocked. It was magical. Out on the edge of a ravine, with desert and mountains as far as we could see. Our Sovereign’s sleek lines and metallic finish complemented the wilderness. We were in love.

Airstream Travel Trailer Boondocking

We still are.

We’ve spent the last six months living off-grid in our Tiny Shiny Home, reveling in our newfound freedom.

If you’re ready for the romance to begin, but don’t know where to start – we can help.

Grab a free copy of our “Find the Perfect Boondocking Spot” Guide and start your own off-grid adventure. We hope to see you out there!