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Custom Airstream Backgrounds for Zoom Calls


#LiveRiveted with Airstream-themed backgrounds for your video chats

With millions suddenly quarantined at home, coordinating with co-workers, meeting with teachers, and talking with friends and family through video chat services has become the new norm for many people. Whether you want to hide the clutter in your home office or or simply want to add a little fun to your video meetings, many video chat services offer the option to add virtual backgrounds that mask the background environment and put the focus on the speaker. One of the most popular video chat services is Zoom, and the program makes it super easy to add a little visual flair to your video meetings. 

With that in mind, Airstream created several virtual backgrounds that’ll let you #LiveRiveted even when working from home. If you’re one of the many who are using Zoom for your daily digital meetups, download our Airstream-themed Zoom backgrounds below, and read on for how to upload and set them up as your own virtual background. 


Step One: Check System Requirements and Enable Zoom Virtual Backgrounds

Make sure your computer supports Zoom’s virtual backgrounds option. Also, you may need to ensure the admin of your Zoom account (this may be you, your boss, or a colleague) has enabled virtual backgrounds. See more here for how to do this if you’re not sure.  

Step Two: Add an Airstream Background

In the Zoom desktop client, click on the ^ arrow next to “Start/Stop Video” in the bottom left corner. Select “Choose a Virtual Background.” A window will pop up with options. Click the + (plus sign) above the photos, and then select the background you want to use. 

Tips and Troubleshooting

  • If you move around too much, your image in front of the background might become blurry.
  • Make sure you have proper lighting. Setting up a small desk lamp to shine on your face will help the computer distinguish between you and the background. 
  • If you lean back (or if a child or pet wanders into frame) the background may be disrupted – don’t worry, it will resolve itself momentarily. 
  • If the image is reversed on your screen, click on the ^ arrow again and select “Video Settings.” Uncheck the box marked “Mirror Video” to make sure the image appears in the correct perspective. 
  • For other issues, refer to Zoom’s troubleshooting page

While we may not be able to hit the road right now, we can still #LiveRiveted from the comfort of our home offices. Have fun with Airstream’s custom Zoom backgrounds, and feel free to share a shot of how you’re using them on our Facebook page.

Download Virtual Backgrounds