Let it be known…Jesse Macht and James E. Smith are beginning to feel like seasoned Airstream road warriors!

Seven days into the Sunsets At.. Tour, both musicians have logged countless hours driving from Jackson Center, Ohio to Lexington, Ky., Pittsburgh, Pa., and finally New York City…they are in this thing! With eleven more dates on the horizon, they have a long and beautiful road ahead of them.

Jesse and James made it to the Airstream headquarters on Monday, September 26th to begin their epic journey across this fine country. Their goal is to bring the ideals of Sunsets At, which is most easily described as “cultural inclusion,” to communities across the country.

After a night of sleeping in their new abode at our headquarters, they left with a newfound appreciation and fire to live in their very own Airstream.

Watch a recap of their journey below:

The first Sunsets At performance was set at Bill and Eileen’s farmhouse, just outside of Lexington, Ky. Here, Race the Tide’s Jesse Macht and James E. Smith performed and cultivated their first traveling arts and culture series. From musical performances to farmer Bill sharing about renewable energy, the crowd gathered, lingered and camped until the next day.

The following morning, Jesse and James awoke and journeyed through Kentucky to Pittsburgh. When they arrived to the joyous greetings of Marie and George in Pittsburg, the house was already full of its patrons anxiously awaiting the music and festivities. The home, while small and intimate, was the perfect environment for the Sunsets At event.

Each patron was glued to every word anybody donated to the evening. From start to finish, the audience was with every melody, every lyric, every story, and every joke, while also getting a huge kick out of touring the Airstream and trying to determine how and when they’d get one of their own.

The local Brentwood library sent an employee and local singer/songwriter, Mark Hasset, to play a few of his songs. His charm had a way with the audience, and only lent to the good vibes that permeated the household.

 After merriment, food, and celebrations, they jumped into their trailer and readied themselves for their next destination, New York City.

Details of their odyssey continues next week!

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