Endless Caravan

Endless Caravan: Taking Ownership of Our Independence


This week our Endless Caravan journey is taking us from San Francisco to Portland via the beautiful forests and mountains in Yosemite. We have driven across canyons, hiked to waterfalls, worked out of mountain lodges, and have had morning coffee overlooking rivers.

The entire time we have been dumbfounded at how easy it can be to maintain a normal work/life balance while traveling hundreds of miles each week and living out of an Airstream! Watch this video for a recap of last week:

Image: Screen-Shot-2018-11-30-at-3.40.48-PM.png

As we travel up to Portland our thoughts are turning to the topic of our next Tour Stop, which is themed around Taking Ownership of Our Independence. The idea of independence is an interesting one when you share space and adventures with multiple other people.

As an introvert, I worried before we left that I wouldn’t have enough personal time to refuel and enjoy my independence— something that is very important to me. Now, halfway through our tour, I have been shocked at how easy it has been. These are the lessons I have learned about maintaining independence while living on the road:

  1. Don’t misinterpret isolation for independence— You do not have to be completely alone in order to be independent. For instance, our Airstream features a bedroom that can be easily closed off from the rest of the trailer by a sliding door. There have been many times my team and I have enjoyed personal time independent of each other, although really we are only a few feet apart!
  2. Don’t be afraid to set boundaries— Sometimes you just need to be alone! Even if you always have the option to have a buddy on a walk to a beautiful overlook doesn’t mean you have to. Sometimes, it’s necessary (and even beneficial!)  to gently tell your friend, partner or colleague that you need a little alone time. That way, you can plunge into the next shared adventure with energy and a refreshed outlook! If the only way you can completely recharge is by spending time alone, it’s OK to be honest and let those you’re traveling with know that you like to break away.
  3. Be aware of yourself and your friends— Knowing who you are, what you need, and why you need are great tools in maintaining independence, while also respecting and appreciating the people around you. Personality tests foster self-awareness and in turn, can help groups of people (especially in close quarters!) respect and give courtesy to one another’s tendencies and traits. Our team swears by the Enneagram. It has helped us respect ourselves and others that we are sharing this adventure with, and allows us more emotional space to embrace our own independence and encourage others to do the same.

More than any other time, feelings of independence are present during life on the road because you get to rely on your own resourcefulness while also experiencing the freedom of a home that goes wherever you may feel like taking it. Being independent of a physical location while on this journey has been freeing, and we’re excited to continue finding our independence on the road during this Endless Caravan adventure.

By Kacy Schlener