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Enhancing the Towing Experience with Blue Ox Weight Distribution Hitches

Airstream-Blux Ox Weight Distribution Hitches

A partnership with Blue Ox offers exclusive, quality weight distribution hitches and educational content to provide comfort and confidence when towing an Airstream travel trailer

There’s nothing quite like getting behind the wheel and towing an Airstream for the first time. It’s a pivotal moment that can define the experience for a family trip or determine whether or not a towable RV is right for you. The open road is out your windshield, the silvery reflection of the Airstream is in your mirrors, and the liberating breeze you’ve been dreaming of is flowing through the windows as you float down the interstate — and then you feel the travel trailer begin to sway behind you as a large vehicle passes by. 

Preventing trailer sway from ever happening and providing peace of mind while navigating the world of hitching and towing an Airstream is what we set out to do in our new partnership with Blue Ox, an industry-leading company known globally for their high-performance weight distribution hitches. The partnership gives new customers and current Airstream owners a more seamless experience by offering two performance weight distribution hitches, covering the entire lineup of Airstream towable models. The partnership will also produce a variety of digital how-to content to educate customers and owners on the benefits of weight distribution while towing.

“Our goal is to provide a seamless experience where customers understand their options for weight distribution and how to utilize this important equipment,” said Bob Wheeler, Airstream President & CEO. “Our partnership with Blue Ox takes some of the mystery out of hitching and towing, and will help customers see the benefits of weight distribution. It’s the perfect blend of high-quality products and educational content that provides customers with safety and peace of mind on the open road.” 


An exclusive offering of the best-selling Blue Ox SwayPro™ and TrackPro™ models are now available for Airstreamers in sleek, exclusive matte black components and silver chains to align with the design of the iconic Airstream travel trailer. Together, we’re providing knowledge and best-in-class customer service to all customers in the market for reputable, long-lasting towing equipment.


Both models come pre-packaged with all the components you need to get set up, are available for varying tongue weights, come pre-installed with the proper 25/16 ball to match the hitch coupler. We’ve also collaborated to offer educational content on how to install the Airstream Blue Ox hitches and build additional support articles that are available in Airstream Academy - Towing


What is a Weight Distribution Hitch and What Does it Do?

Blue Ox weight distribution hitches evenly distribute weight across the axles of the tow vehicle and attached Airstream. The system works by using adjustable spring bars and tension to distribute the load of the travel trailer tongue to the trailer and vehicle axles.

When an Airstream is connected to the hitch, it increases the weight at the rear of the tow vehicle. This added downward force ultimately influences the way the travel trailer tows and the overall experience with the tow vehicle. A weight distribution hitch helps manage that load. Rather than all of the weight being centered on the ball, the weight is evenly distributed. 


“Owners can now get the same quality, reliability, and craftsmanship in a hitch synonymous with the Airstream brand,” said Mike Hesse, Blue Ox CEO. “Like Airstream, Blue Ox is rich in history and constantly pushing innovation for the next great travel adventure. These products are built to last – just like our companies.”

“We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership and the opportunity to further educate Airstreamers on the benefits of weight distribution,” said Alex Walker, Blue Ox Director of Sales. “With these Airstream edition SwayPro™ and TrackPro™ models, Airstream owners can be confident in a stable, safe, and streamlined towing experience.” 

Increasing Front Tire Traction

Having too much tongue weight can cause the back of the tow vehicle to squat. This can be seen as the front of the travel trailer goes toward the ground and the front of the tow vehicle points up. Because the front tires are being lifted off the ground, traction on the road and braking performance decrease - potentially leading to dangerous situations. 


Preventing Trailer Sway

SwayPro™ and TrackPro™ hitch heads in conjunction with the spring bars, employ a positive caster to push the travel trailer to the center of the tow vehicle. Forces like wind, uneven pavement, or curves in the road pushing the right side of the travel trailer to the left, shifts the load to the left spring bar. Forces pushing on the left side of the travel trailer causing it to sway to the right, shifts the load to the right spring bar.


The spring bars pivot on the hitch head balancing the load and pushing the travel trailer back to the center of the tow vehicle, constantly preventing sway from occurring.


The SwayPro Weight Distribution Hitch

SwayPro™ provides premium sway management and weight distribution — regardless of the weather — all while being smooth very quiet. It includes rotating latches with clamp on brackets for quick and easy setup. The SwayPro™ system is compatible with all traditional Airstream Silver Bullet travel trailers (Bambi to Classic). Looking to learn how to hitch up and disconnect? Watch the step-by-step process in the how-to video on Airstream Support.



The TrackPro Weight Distribution Hitch

The TrackPro™ system corrects trailer sway, vehicle sag, improves steering and stopping while towing, and is fully compatible with the Airstream Basecamp model line. With easy to follow instructions, you can learn how to hitch and disconnect this package on Airstream Support.


Staying Hitched While Backing Up

A common pain point from other weight distribution hitches is that owners have to take the time to disconnect them when backing into a campsite or other location.

Back into your campsite without removing the weight distribution bars

If you’re on the road and traveling quite a bit, this monotonous task is going to get old and take up quite a bit of time. With both the SwayPro™ and TrackPro™, you can simply back into the campsite without having to remember to disconnect the system — saving time and preventing unwanted damage.


Find out which Blue Ox weight distribution hitch is right for you and take the next step by contacting an authorized Airstream dealership today.

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