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How to Buy an Airstream RV


Airstream’s comparison tool takes the stress out of decision making

Eeny, meeny, miny, moe? Or maybe rock, paper, scissors?

These might be sufficient go-to decision-making solutions when you’re trying to pick who’s “it” on the playground or which movie you want to watch Friday night. But when it comes to making the choice about which Airstream is right for you and your travel adventures, you’re going to want a better tool. 

Before creating spreadsheets of features for your favorite models or pros and cons lists for the various functions you’ll need for your explorations, take a look at the Airstream’s comparison tools.

There are two available – one for comparing Airstream travel trailers, and one for comparing Airstream touring coaches.

It’s all the Airstream information you could want — all in one place where the hard work is done for you.

With this one tool, you can do a side-by-side comparison of up to three Airstream travel trailers. Just select the model and length, and in less than six clicks you can see all the specs and standard features right next to one another. Once you’ve selected the models to compare, you can change the floor plan configuration for each one, customizing the comparison tool even further.   

If you end up ruling out one of the Airstreams you were comparing, you can easily click to add another one in its place. Since your Internet-enabled device is doing the work for you, you can click-about all you like. Change and swap out one model for another as many times as you see fit so you’re sure you’ve looked at all the information you want.


Once you find one or two that you particularly like, with all the features and specs you desire and it’s within your budget, you can request the brochure right on the comparison page. With your brochure in hand, it’s time to get to your nearest dealer and check out the finishes in person. You can experience the floor plan as you imagined it and determine if you need to amend your “must-have list.” 

Deciding to add an Airstream to your fleet is something that will no doubt require a fair amount of evaluation, research and contemplation. You’re not only making an investment, you’re adapting a lifestyle.


Sometimes big decisions feel hard. Don’t make it harder than it has to be. Use Airstream’s additional suite of shopping tools like Which Travel Trailer is Right For Me or Build a Touring Coach and save yourself the effort and energy of trying to organize the information in your brain or on loose pieces of paper floating around your workspace. All the information you need to begin your wanderlust way of life is just a few clicks away.


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