Endless Caravan

Meet the Shinabargers!

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Our Endless Caravan continues!

Meet the Shinabargers. Jeff is a social entrepreneur and founder of Plywood People, a non-profit in Atlanta that leads a community of start-ups doing good. He and his wife, Andre, have been married for nearly 15 years and have 2 kiddos, ages 4 and 7—Neko and Jada.

Having been a part of nearly 400 startups and constantly focused on helping others, Jeff and Andre noticed a tension they were facing: Is it possible to change the world, stay in love and raise a family?

 What does it mean to live on purpose? They began asking people who they believed were doing just that, and it suddenly took on a life of its own: a project called Love or Work. Jeff and Andre are on a mission to introduce their kids to people across the world who wrestle with getting this right. Which is where you come in!

Who should they interview along the way? Can you change the world, stay in love and raise a family? What do you think? And if you have advice, they’d love to hear it.

The Shinabargers will be traveling out of Atlanta each weekend interviewing people from all walks of life to gain their perspective and wisdom on love and work. First stop: Chattanooga!

Follow their journey via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We can’t wait to see where this Caravan takes them!