Endless Caravan

Endless Caravan: A Week of Adventure and New Friends

Our Endless Caravan had many adventures this week with Race the Tide's Jesse Macht and James E.S. Music! The two musicians journeyed through different cities as they saw family in Maryland and traveled to the Washington Monument and Virginia Lakes. Jesse and James also experienced the greatness of late night laughter, coffee, kind neighbors, and a cozy Airstream as the seasons changed to fall. 

Take a peak from an interview with their host and his thoughts on house concerts:

Outside their adventured-filled travels, Jesse and James had the opportunity to meet a handful of interesting speakers they passionately wanted to highlight during their events. .

One of their hosts in Maryland, Seth Barsky, did stand up comedy about being raised in a Jewish home, his dreams, and then comparing it to an experience he had while fishing in a kayak and losing all of his gear.

An inspiring and passionate woman, Siobhan Crawford, spoke to the crowd about her volunteer work at “Doorways.” Doorways is a group that offers neighbors in need a 24-hour domestic and sexual violence hotline, a safe house, and a court advocacy program. At the end, she invited anyone who was interested to join the cause for those in need.

Kenny Borkmann is the co-owner of Brookeville Beer Farm. He led the crowd in beer tasting. The audience learned about Kenny’s initial interest in brewing beer, the process that goes into making it and the hops he chooses to use at the farm. It was an absolute delight!

To end the night, Noobtsaa Philip Vang who started Foodhini, a catering company that specializes in authentic multicultural meals shared the inspiration behind the company. He explained that it was “founded on the idea that food can be used to create new opportunities for our immigrants and refugee communities, and satisfy the appetites of hungry foodies in search for authentic multicultural meals.”

This ends the East Coast chapter of our Endless Caravan, but Jesse and James are not done journeying yet! They are off to the west for more fun! Follow Sunsets At on Instagram to see live updates!