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Designed to Last

You’ll be hard-pressed to ever find an Airstream in a landfill. Durable materials, intentional design, expert engineering, and skilled craftspeople come together to build RVs that stand the test of time. From the chassis up to its aerodynamic curves, your shiny aluminum Airstream is as green as it is silver.


Caravan to Carbon Neutral

Through an innovative partnership with the National Forest Foundation, Caravan to Carbon Neutral gives Airstream owners (and any environmentally-conscious traveler) the ability to offset the environmental impact of their travel. Join Streamers everywhere: Purchase carbon credits, reduce your carbon footprint, and plant trees on public land.

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Aerodynamic Design for Efficiency

Airstream’s iconic design does more than attract attention. The aerodynamic, aluminum shell reduces drag on the highway, helping tow vehicles get better mileage. In controlled tests versus traditional box trailers measuring constant average speeds, tow vehicles that pulled Airstreams were more than twice as fuel efficient as tow vehicles pulling box trailers. In cross-wind conditions, Airstream’s aerodynamic design proved more stable, making the “Silver Bullet” both safer and more efficient.

Airstream supports more than a dozen charities and community partners, including: