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My Airstream, My Story: Home Studio

After a year on the road in their Airstream and the birth of their daughter, Josh and Eliza Rogan became homeowners in the Redstone mountain valley. But they find their 1960s Airstream is still an important part of their lives.

Eliza (a muralist and children’s book illustrator) met Josh (a musician and performer) 18 years ago, and they married 12 years later. Then, the couple left their hometown in search of life's adventures. After renting an apartment and working multiple part-time jobs, they found themselves unfulfilled and at a crossroads. They began to contemplate a simpler way of living, traveling, and exploring a sense of creative freedom, while also pursuing what they love most: the arts.

That’s how they decided to get an Airstream.

Purchasing and restoring their Airstream was new and exciting, and adapting to a smaller lifestyle was a creative challenge! After several cross-country ventures to Airstream-hosted rallies and events, Josh and Eliza finally found the freedom and endless creativity they had always longed for.

While they were living full-time in the Airstream, their daughter Ramona Rogan was introduced to their story, and their life look yet another turn! Getting off the road to raise a baby meant parking the Airstream, but the Rogans weren't yet ready to retire the trailer. Their Airstream studio is now a cozy extension of their home—and prepared to hit the road the moment adventure calls!

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My Airstream, My Story