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Class B RV Bathroom Guide: The Atlas Bathroom

Airstream Atlas Bathroom

The Atlas residential-style bathroom brings the comforts of home along for the ride.

Because Class B RVs are less spacious than Class A motorhomes, the bathrooms are often exercises in efficiency and creative uses of space. But in the Airstream Atlas Touring Coach, the three-piece bathroom spans the entire rear of the coach and feels like home. In this post, we’ll walk you through what’s inside the bathroom and how it might be different from other Class B RV bathrooms.

Three-piece Setup

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In some of our smaller Class B touring coaches, the bathroom is what’s called a “wet bath,” which means every square inch is designed to get wet and areas pull double duty. In the Atlas, the bathroom is what’s called a “dry bath,” which is a setup just like what you might have at home. The three major functions are separated, so you get a freestanding shower, a toilet, and a vanity and sink. If luxury is at the top of your list, the Atlas might be perfect for you.

Shower with Teak Inlay

Image: 21-AIR-Blog-AtlasBathroom-FullBathImage.jpg

The shower glows from the inside out, thanks to its dedicated lighting and clear, curved doors. Down the center are stainless steel Kohler® fixtures and a luxurious teak inlay.

The shower doors slide open from the center and feature a travel latch to keep them securely closed when the coach is in transit. Directly above the shower is a Fantastic® Fan that pulls steam out of the coach.

And arguably the best part about the shower is the tankless water heater that provides all the continuous hot water you could ask for.

Unlike traditional water heaters, tankless water heaters warm water as it flows through the pipes and therefore don’t require a holding tank. The big benefits for you? Virtually endless hot water and saving valuable space in your RV that would have otherwise been devoted to a tank.

A Toilet with a Residential Seat

Image: 21-AIR-Blog-AtlasBathroom-Toilet.jpg

All Airstream touring coach toilets are designed to be easy to clean, durable, and efficient. The toilet in the Atlas has its own area in the bathroom.

Vanity with Upscale Finishes

Image: 21-AIR-Blog-AtlasBathroom-Vanity.jpg

The vanity features a Kohler faucet, a sophisticated solid surface countertop, dedicated lighting, a medicine cabinet, and drawer and cabinet storage. It’s the perfect spot to get ready for the day and decompress at night.

Luxury RV Closet

Image: 21-AIR-Blog-AtlasBathroom-Closet.jpg

To the left of the vanity is the wardrobe, which includes both hanging closet space and drawers for folded items. The closet bar is ribbed to keep your hangers in place, and the interior walls are lined with cedar to preserve the quality and freshness of your clothing.

Another nice touch is the motion-sensor lights which turn on as soon as you open the closet door. It’s our only touring coach with a closet in the bathroom, and it adds to the bespoke feeling of a master bath.

Sliding Pocket Door

Image: 21-AIR-Blog-AtlasBathroom-PocketDoor.jpg

The bathroom door slides into a pocket behind the kitchen wall, saving valuable space in the floor plan. When you’re in transit, the door locks in the open position via a lock at the floor.


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