Our Endless Caravan continues their adventure! Chef Hugh Acheson and his team are still traveling and have recently hosted events in New Orleans, Atlanta, Oxford and Austin. With cooking demonstrations, book signings and taco sales, they have been on quite the journey. Here’s a quick glimpse of the tour from Hugh’s perspective.  

Waking up in a place that you arrived in, exhausted and hungry in the dark the night before, is always a beautiful thing. It is like Christmas morning to see what you will get when you look out the front window of the Airstream.

Today that vista was Western Texas, in the artistic village of Marfa, which is a very cool place to see with a Super Moon still up in the west as the sun rises in the east. After a hot shower and some fine coffee in the aluminum wonder space (this Airstream International Signature), we wander into town and get breakfast burritos at Marfa Burrito, where flour tortillas are made in front of you from scratch and celebrity snapshots line the wall. We sit next to three cowboy guys while our burritos are made and delivered to our table out back. It was one spicy burrito, but don’t skip it.

The journey to this burrito brought us through Atlanta, Oxford, Shreveport and Austin. All of these cities were amazing stops along the way. But if you ever do the drive and stop at a lot of Whole Foods Markets along the way, I thoroughly recommend NOT to pull into the Whole Foods parking lot with a 27-foot trailer. It’s a little tight. But that said, I am becoming quite agile with the trailer. I figured out that the sway bars really help out when they are tight and snug. I also figured out that in your “safety check,” which involves walking around the Airstream to inspect it for any pressing issues, it really helps to quickly diagnose when you have run over a nail. And then be sure to give yourself just enough time to get to a tire shop to get a patch. But sometimes in life, all you need is a patch, and a good burrito. Thankfully, and for at least today, I have both.

Hugh and his team have a few more stops on their tour. If you want to meet up with them, see their full schedule.

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