History, Like Lightning, Can Strike Twice

In 1960, the Airstream Caravan traveled across the great continent of Africa. One destination was the ancient Roman ruins located at Jerash in Jordan. The ruins were nearby the capital city of Amman.

The 1963-1964 Around-the-World Caravan arrived and stayed at the Jerash ruins in 1964.

Wally Byam always enjoyed the benefits of advertising, beginning with his Stanford University days working on the school newspaper as advertising manager.

Wally would have enjoyed this two-page spread in an RV magazine, published in 1968, with the caravan once again parking in a wagon wheel in the main plaza at Jerash.

This area shows life signs back 6,500 years to the Neolithic Age. There is an historic blend from the Greco-Roman influence in the Mediterranean lands and in the more modern Arab Orient effects.

When Wally Byam conducted his first caravan in 1951 to México and Central America, the groundwork for future and more spectacular Airstream owner trips was born.

No other manufacturer has the pedigree, the pictures, and the history for product travel in Africa and around the world. We should also note that Central America, Canada, and Europe have been part of Airstream trips across the entire globe.

Airstream is engineered from frontline travel garnered from the four corners of the world. The manufacturing materials have always met a quality standard providing the expectations for the consumer wanting the best.

Design is so important. The exterior is a hallmark that began in the 1930's and through the years has been improved gradually but with certainty. As Airstream has evolved, it has done so with regard of the company's heritage. Interior designs are partnerships between Airstream and the world's best designers, bringing beauty, practicality, and creativity to the product.

The 21st century is a new era for Airstream. It isn't a retrospective, it's a vision to the future and what's to come. Dealers aren't only on the North American continent: they are across the United Kingdom and Europe, Asia, and even Australia.

Airstream's iconic past is drawing attention from around-the-world buyers wanting to live the life of freedom. Thousands upon thousands of Airstream owners enjoy traveling down the road to find what's over the next horizon.