Yesterday we kicked off our two-part blog post on Josh Rogan, Americana, Blues and Rock-N-Roll musician who is traveling the country and playing gigs in their 1962 Safari. Today were excited to hear a bit more from him about his adventures:

 What has been your favorite part of the tour?

My favorite part of any tour is when I can slow down enough in a town where I’m playing and enjoy our surroundings. And there is no doubt that the trailer makes that possible. In the mornings we make our favorite cup of coffee and look out the window of the Airstream on our new community.

When I have the time to slow down enough it feels as though every town can be mine and I can treat that community as though it’s our home. And when I feel at home I have a different attitude and a different take on life-that’s my favorite part of the tour.

The road used to be a lot more exhausting because we were always looking for a place to relax: maybe a bench or a shady tree or maybe a restaurant or a spot by the river.
Now that we have our Airstream I feel like we have a shady tree, a riverbank, a bench, a cozy restaurant, and our hometown with us at all times ready to comfort us and slow us down.

One of my favorite parts of my tour this year was going to Guerneville in Northern California on the Russian River.  We went kayaking, wine tasting, jeep riding through the countryside. We also got to see Redwood trees that are over 1,500 years old. Another magical moment was sleeping in the Airstream on the coast of northern California and listening to the seals singing all night long.

What are you doing that your audience would think is cool?

I think my audience would think that it’s cool that I’m following my dreams, traveling coast-to-coast and staying as open-minded as I possibly can to live out my dreams.

I’m also devoted to my wife’s dreams and one of her dreams is to travel, go out west and be an artist full-time. I want my audience to know that a lot of my time and energy is also devoted to her and what she’s pursuing. Music has been a way for me to find what is most important and special to me- my family and friends. It starts with my little wonderful family and grows from there. I think what I am trying to say is that the coolest thing about our life these days is that we are making our family bigger with friends from all over the country and all over the world.

I am constantly learning how to open my mind further in order to live as a musician and make a living as an artist and let go of control. I try to stay open to the market that is offered to me instead of trying to control where I think I should be in my career.

That is one thing that the Airstream community has taught me. I never knew that it would be such a clear connection, but I did know that the Airstream trailer would attract the right people to me and that’s why we say: “Airstream or Bust”!

 How has the Live Riveted lifestyle impacted you and your wife Eliza’s life?

Josh: To me, live riveted means to live free, live your dreams, and do it now. We had begun that journey before we got our Airstream, but the difference now is that there are so many other people who back our dream up. They are living that way too. I feel lucky that we figured it out when we did, as young as we have.

Eliza says, “Living Riveted concentrates the value of being alive and brings the senses to life. The world opens up and opportunities grow like a field of wild flowers and they are free to pick. Or we can just be at peace knowing that the field is there. We found it hidden in life’s journey. We don’t need to pick the flower if we know how to get back to the field. That is the place I protect by Living Riveted.”

Wow – it sounds like Josh & Eliza’s life is an amazing one. Want to know more about Josh Rogan and stay up to date on his Live Riveted adventures? Follow him on Twitter and like his fan page on Facebook!

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