My Airstream, My Story: Retirement Home

Bob and Page Airstream Retirement Home

Bob and Page aren’t your typical retirees. They’re living life with intention and all on their own terms. Bob, a Master Automotive and RV Technician, and Page, a paralegal and avid birder, travel the country in their 30-foot 2015 Classic Airstream in search of new memorable experiences.

Retirement Airstream Home with Bob and Page

After decades of owning a home and shifting through various careers, the couple came to realize there was simply more to be explored, and they've now been on the road for almost two years. Eager for the next new and exciting journey, they look for available seasonal jobs in preferred locations, then head out to wherever the wind takes them.

Bob’s dream of one day owning an Airstream is now a reality, and life as he and Page know it is full of endless adventure. Their Airstream, officially registered as Alumeena, is pulled and partnered by a custom-built medium duty 2015 Freightliner. The truck is used as an extension of their home, hauling supplies and equipment too bulky to carry in the trailer. The truck also holds all of Bob’s tools so he can work on the road.

Retirement Airstream Home with Bob and Page Bicycle

Bob and Page Airstream Home, Plants, and Cat

The couple’s advice to families considering a full-time Airstream lifestyle? Plan appropriately, and learn how to live with less. Acknowledging that time is fleeting, Bob and Page now have the task of choosing which location they love the most and where they'll eventually get off the road.

Image: AIR17007-Retirement-Home-4.jpg

Despite the household chores and maintenance that still take place in their Airstream, Bob and Page find that they have more time to take in the simple pleasures of life, such as volunteering and enjoying the ever-changing view.

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