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Ride Like the Wind

Air Ride Suspension puts potholes and uneven roads in the rear-view

With Air Ride Suspension, your next trip in your Airstream Touring Coach will be like riding on a cloud. This standard feature comes to Airstream from industry leader VB-Airsuspension, and it’s included on all Airstream Touring Coaches longer than 19 feet. Air Ride replaces the stock rear suspension components with adjustable air springs and shock absorbers which automatically smooths out the ride and enhances the coach's already car-like handling. Once you feel how smooth a drive can be with Air Ride, you’ll want it on every vehicle you own.

The fully automatic electronically-controlled air suspension system ensures that the vehicle maintains a level ride height regardless of the load. As each air spring moves up or down, the system quickly adjusts to road conditions by adding or removing air to sharpen handling and maintain comfort. When driving, the specially-designed air suspension system improves ride quality, maneuvering, and tire wear.

The system consists of several components, including air springs, shock absorbers, a sway bar, and an air suspension control unit. Together, these components work as one integrated system to improve overall comfort by buffering the impact of bumps and vibrations of uneven roads for a smoother ride for passengers and cargo. The air suspension maintains the proper ride height to improve aerodynamics and fuel economy, while also enhancing vehicle stability by reducing cornering sway and crosswind sensitivity. And no matter the number of passengers, the cargo weight, or if you’re towing a trailer, your travels will always be level and smooth with automatic load leveling.

When parked, the rear vehicle height can also be adjusted to simplify vehicle loading or trailer hitching. The air suspension also provides the ability to level the vehicle when parked on uneven ground or at the campsite.

With tens of thousands of installations the world over, the VB-Airsuspension system is Mercedes-Benz approved, and seamlessly integrates into the Airstream touring coaches through an electronic control unit. Other manufacturers might offer optional Air Ride Suspension. At Airstream, though, we believe comfort and safety while you travel should never be optional. That’s why we include Air Ride Suspension as a standard feature for the Interstate Grand Tour, the Interstate Lounge and our luxury-leader Atlas.

For more information on the standard Airstream Air Ride Suspension, contact your local Airstream dealer.


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