“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Mary Ritter Beard

We here at Airstream love all kinds of road trips, big or small! Whether you hit the open road to visit beautiful landmarks, embark on new adventures or simply to spend time with family and friends, we have some tips that will help you! Check out our top 10 tips for the perfect road trip:

  • Be a smart packer! When it comes to clothes, less is more. You don’t need a ton of fancy clothes and accessories to Live Riveted. Check the weather forecast and plan accordingly when planning your travel wardrobe. Keep your luggage limit to one bag per person to increase storage space and lighten your load.
  • Keep a well-stocked cooler. When on the road for an extended time, proper meals and snacks are a key component to keeping everyone happy and healthy! Pack plenty of water and easy snacks like trail mix, granola bars and even a sweet treat or two to munch on while hitting the open road.
  • Use technology to your advantage. When planning your road trip, don’t be afraid to use technology to help! There are great apps and travel tools like Roadtrippers to discover the best lodging and attractions.
  • Anticipate trouble spots. When on the road with family and friends, it is important to realize that things will go wrong while on your road trip. Make a note to think through roadwork and high traffic areas while on vacation.
  • Don’t be restricted by campgrounds! When planning your Airstream travels, don’t forget about boondocking! What is boondocking, you might ask? It is a term used to describe camping in nature without the use of commercial camping areas or hookups. It might seem intimidating at first, but here are some tips on how to boondock with ease.
  •  Stay entertained! This tip is especially important for families traveling with kiddos. Bring road trip essentials like portable games, coloring books, movies and books on tape to keep every member of your family in good spirits!
  •  Document your trip! Bring along a Go Pro, travel journal or just a simple camera to capture the incredible memories you will have on your road trip.
  •  Try something new. It wouldn’t be a successful road trip without learning new things and participating in new experiences! Try local food or try an activity that you have never done before. Geocaching is a fun activity to try for those with a heart for exploration, and Airstream is releasing our new trackable: the Airstream Silver Bullet!
  •  Bring a real map and a permanent marker. GPS devices are great for driving directions, but it is more fun and exciting to record your road trip progress on a traditional printed map. We suggest tracing your route and writing down fun memories and people you met while on the road!
  •  Live Riveted! Embarking on a road trip is the essential Live Riveted experience, where you can discover and explore not only new places, but also yourself and other people around you.

We love that road trips allow you to get out and explore the world we live in, and we encourage you to plan one with friends and family soon! Do you have a road trip tip you want to share? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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