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When Less is More


Keeping It Simple with a Veteran Airstream Basecamp Owner

Andrea Umbach deals with highly sophisticated concepts in her work as an executive coach. But when it comes to her other passion, outdoor adventure, she’s all about keeping things simple.

That’s why she adores her Airstream Basecamp.

“I call my Basecamp my yurt on wheels,” Andrea says. “I love all the Airstream models, but I wanted something outdoorsy, simple and small. My Basecamp is simple and easy to use.”

That ease of use begins with the Basecamp’s light weight and aerodynamic shape, which make the unit towable by most SUVs and crossovers and reduces fuel consumption. Those design traits support Andrea's desire to “get up and go” on short notice, whether to escape town for a weekend, adventure with friends, or find the isolation she needs to complete a work project.

Into the Wild with Ease

The Basecamp’s minimalist size and weight, along with its quality construction, also allow Andrea to camp off the beaten path. And that’s important because, for Andrea, the Basecamp is, first and foremost, a magic carpet to carry her into the magical kingdom of nature.

“There are really nice touches to it, but it can be rough and tumble and be in the wilderness for a while with me and whoever goes with me,” she says. “It's not overly fancy, so it doesn't create distractions. I can say, ‘Okay, it's there, and off I go.’ I don't have to fuss with it.”

An avid outdoor sportswoman, Andrea frequently packs her Basecamp full of adventure equipment, from skis to surfboards to bikes. The trailer’s interior, designed with active people in mind, gives her plenty of room for all the gear she needs. The large rear hatch (26” x 46”) allows for easy loading and unloading of her toys.



A family of campers sitting at the table playing games inside of an Airstream Basecamp travel trailer.

When traveling with friends or family, the same design that accommodates all that equipment allows up to three people to sleep in the Basecamp. When Andrea camps with larger groups, the Basecamp’s bench seating, convertible dinette and versatile galley space make it a natural gathering place and kitchen. And, when the trip is all about work, the Basecamp morphs again to become her office, with power outlets for every device imaginable and CEO-worthy views through the panoramic windows.

To learn more from Andrea’s Basecamp experience, check out her on-demand Ask An Airstreamer livestream, a one-hour presentation in which she offers her insights on every aspect of Basecamp ownership.

Learn More about the Basecamp

Andrea Umbach found freedom in the simplicity of her Basecamp. What will you discover when you look into this tiny, shiny wonder? The Basecamp comes in two sizes — 16-foot and 20-foot — both of which are available in the X model, which offers added clearance and other off-road enhancements.

To learn more about the Basecamp and find your bliss, visit the Basecamp section of our website.

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