Responsible By Design

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The Airstream Story

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Designed to Last

Did you know that 70% of all Airstreams ever built are still in use today?

Airstreams are designed to last. Responsible design means using materials, engineering, and skilled craftspeople to build travel trailers and touring coaches that can withstand both weather and time. 

There is no expiration date for an Airstream, so you don’t see them in landfills. From durable aluminum to handcrafted furniture and cabinetry, every Airstream is individually built to last for generations. With regular care, any Airstream becomes a treasured family heirloom.

Social Responsibility

Designed with Passion

Building and upfitting by hand every Airstream is a team of skilled craftspeople who believe that our responsibility extends well beyond the products we build. We believe in investing in the communities.

For almost ninety years, we’ve valued safety, professionalism, and kindness to help underpin our success. Thoughtful and well-organized processes and facilities have helped us achieve the highest safety standards for manufacturers and keep one of the safest work environments. In addition, associates are invited to participate in programs to build on their skills through professional development opportunities that can earn them career advancements, wherever their careers take them.

Just as important is the kindness felt by all those who choose to call Airstream home. We’re proud to give back by building homes for Habitat for Humanity, celebrating our veterans and first responders through Airstream Salute, and supporting the myriad non-profit and community partner organizations we engage each year. Passion is what drives us to be good stewards to each other, our communities, and the outdoors.


Ideas to consider:

  • Thor background and overview of history
  • Introduction of Thor’s governance, including the Board of Directors and key Board Committees (e.g. What is it about Thor that demonstrates responsibility, transparency, or commitments to the environment and people?)
  • How Airstream is independent from Thor?
  • What Airstream-specific process are in place?

Leave it Beautiful

Sometimes beauty is crafted by nature for all of us to enjoy. But, sometimes, oftentimes, it is created by people. From a sweet melody to a clean park, and artwork to a hot meal, Beauty is a gift. And Airstreamers are passionate purveyors, creators and admirers of this gift.

To capture the passion Airstreamers have for Beauty, Airstream has created the Leave it Beautiful initiative. LIB will support Airstreamers’ projects, goals and dreams to create Beauty and leave it for others.

Airstream has created a platform for Airstreamers to post and share their projects, like creating a photo book of national parks, picking up trash on highways or planting trees in all 50 states. Together, during a time when we need it most, we can create more Beauty.

Airstream’s founder, Wally Byam, found Beauty in travel. He discovered it in new cultures and community. He found Beauty “over twinkling boulevards and trackless deserts.” In blowing winds and rainbows. And the Leave it Beautiful initiative is a nod to Wally and all that he created.