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5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Sprinter RV


There’s no better way to travel in luxury, style, and comfort than with an Airstream Touring Coach. Built with the power and performance of Mercedes-Benz® and the luxurious amenities of Airstream, Atlas and Interstate touring coaches give you the freedom to go where you want and stay for as long as you wish. With your hands on the wheel, your Airstream experience is just over the horizon – but consider these questions first to help understand which Airstream Touring Coach is right for you.

What Kinds of Trips Will You Be Taking?

You might think of Sprinter van RVs as more fitting for short-term travel, but thousands of people spend a whole season in theirs – or even live full time in it (#vanlife). So don’t count a class B out. 

Are You Planning for Short Trips from Point A to Point B?

You’ll love the Airstream Interstate 24GL. It’s the perfect upscale crew mover, equally as enjoyable on the way to your beach house as it is as a tailgate headquarters. A mix of captain’s chairs and sofa seating are comfy for everyone. There’s an onboard restroom that’s perfect for road stops or hosting. And a sophisticated galley takes tailgating and road snacks up a big notch.

Are You Planning on Heading Out for a Week, a Month, or a Whole Season?

If touring Napa as a couple sounds like the dream, check out the Airstream Interstate 24GT or the Atlas. In either model, you’ll have plenty of space to lounge – even in separate areas if you need a little alone time – and lots of sleeping space at night. Plus, you’ll have a sophisticated galley so you can make some substantial meals on the road. 

Did we get your ideas going with the Napa idea? You’ll love our Farms & Wineries Guide.

How Many People Will Be Traveling with You?

Even if everyone won’t be sleeping inside the RV, it’s important to plan for things like room for entertaining at an event or room for the grandkids to keep themselves entertained. 

Are You Solo or a Couple?

Your priorities might be room to sleep, cook, and eat, and then easy ways to clean up and keep your RV tidy. That’s why an Interstate 19 or Interstate 24GT are perfect. They’re built for spending more time on the road. The convertible seating to sleeping space allows you to have a daytime setup for lounging and a nighttime setup for getting rest. Either way, the TVs are positioned just right for watching on the sofa or in bed. 

Are You Going to be with Groups?

If entertaining when you’re parked is at the top of your list, you’ll be best suited in an Interstate 24GL. Nine people can sit inside, whether you’re on the move to an event together or just meeting up when you get there. Think inviting friends to tailgate with you at an event. The beauty of the 24GL is, you can play hosts one day and have the coach all to yourselves the next. 

Wet bath or residential bath?

Before you buy a Sprinter van RV, you should understand the bathroom situation that works best for you. 

The space-saving wet bath gives you more floor plan space for everything else.

If you want more kitchen, lounge, and sleeping space, you might appreciate the wet bath configuration in the Interstate 19, 24GL, and 24GT. The entire bathroom is designed to get wet, and the showerhead doubles as the sink faucet. There’s even a waterproof toilet paper cover and a retractable clothesline.

A residential bathroom separates out the functions so it’s more like home.

In the Airstream Atlas, the bathroom spans the entire rear of the coach, making room for a freestanding shower, toilet, and sink with a vanity. It’s the most like home, and we think you’ll find it a luxurious respite on the road. 

Convertible Sleeping or Dedicated Bed?

Just as important as your bathroom preferences are your sleeping preferences. 

If you favor flexibility, convertible sofa beds will suit you well.

You might be surprised at how spacious and thoughtful the convertible sofas in the Interstate 19, 24GL, and 24GT really are. They’re power operated and convert with the touch of a button. The seating is soft and plush, yet firm enough to support a night’s sleep, and the shape is specifically designed to cover every inch of the rear of the coach – no pesky gaps. You can make the bed up with a sheet, or sleep right on top of the Ultraleather®

If a dedicated mattress is a must, you’ll love the Murphy Suite.

The power slide-out in the Airstream Atlas is a game-changer. It makes room for a Murphy Suite bed to be pulled down from the wall, supported by the sofa at the head of the bed and sturdy legs at the foot of the bed. The mattress itself rests on a Froli® Ergonomic Sleep System of interlocking springs that provides a supportive sleeping surface just like home.

What Kind of Driving Experience Do You Want?

Choosing a smaller RV will give you a driving experience most similar to your everyday vehicle, while going bigger will be more of an adjustment.

Are You Comfortable with Extra Length and Width?

You might be surprised how easy it is to drive the larger touring coaches. At 24 feet long, the Interstate 24GT, 24GL, and Atlas come equipped with driving, safety, and parking features that account for the extra length. Where a rear-view mirror would normally be, there’s a rear-view and side-view camera monitor to check your surroundings. The Parktronic system uses that same monitor to show you distances when you’re parking and reversing the coach. 

Would You Rather Keep It Small?

If you’re headed out solo or will be taking your RV to small towns and tight areas, the Interstate 19 was literally designed for you. At 19 feet, it fits within virtually any standard parking spot, so you don’t have to give parking a second thought. It even comes with all the same camera monitoring and Parktronic system as our larger models, so you can have even more confidence around other vehicles and in tight spots. 

Curious About Touring Coach Features?

Check out this post which covers the tech and safety features in each and every Airstream Touring Coach.


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