Airstream Interstate: Built to Last

At Airstream, we’ve never been interested in the easiest or the fastest way of building any of our products. We’re focused on the right way.

Well Built

That’s why each and every Airstream Interstate Touring Coach is built by people, not machines. It’s the kind of true craftsmanship that may take a little longer, but always carries the promise of the very best end product, every single time.

"A legacy built by hand, not machines."

"At Airstream it really starts with craftsmanship. We’re an 85-year-old company that has a history and a reputation for quality, and we put that same effort and that same quality into the Interstate as much as we do our travel trailers."

"They’re built by hand, not built by machines. We use premium materials. We never cut corners. It’s our legacy, it’s our responsibility to provide a high-quality product."

"Once they start driving it, then all the magic of the design, the magic of the quality and craftsmanship really reveals itself. The product really gets better the more you use it, and our customers tell us that consistently."

The Interstate offers over 50 best-in-class standard features, perfect for those who seek the best or nothing at all. See how you can experience your next adventure in luxurious style.

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Take a closer look at the Airstream Interstate. Visit the video series gallery by clicking the button below. Learn more about the product on the Touring Coaches overview page, or choose the perfect floor plan, design and options for your Interstate with the Build Your Own tool.

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