Airstream Plant Expansion

The decade of the 1950s represented several milestones for Airstream, Inc. For one, it represented a time of Live Riveted adventure and exploration as founder Wally Byam led the first Airstream caravans outside American borders. It was also a period of significant growth for Airstream as it began to outgrow its factory in California. Then in July 1952, a new Airstream factory was officially established in Jackson Center, Ohio, where it remains today.

Fast forward to 2014, and Airstream is facing a milestone similar to the one we faced in the early 1950s; as a result of growing demand, production at the plant in Jackson Center has begun to exceed the capacity of the factory. This time, however, instead of moving the plant to a different location, we have begun a major expansion of our flagship plant in Jackson Center.

The expansion of Airstream’s travel trailer plant will add about 94,000 square feet to the existing 134,000-square-foot factory, which includes both production and office space. The addition to the existing facilities is expected to be complete by May 2015 and will allow Airstream to increase its current production capacity to approximately 50% over current levels.

“With the recent strong growth in our markets, momentum and optimism among our dealers and positive outlook for future growth, this expansion will help us achieve our long-term growth objectives,” commented Bob Wheeler, Airstream President. “Our commitment to the community matches our strong heritage here, as well as our vision of continued growth over the long term.”

At Airstream, we are committed to excellence in both our product and our service, and we believe that the plant expansion will allow us to grow in both of these areas. We want to thank you, Airstreamers, for making it all possible!

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