Airstream Travel Trailers: Silver is Green

If you think about the origins of the Airstream company back in 1931, it was a product that was created to help explore and experience nature more closely and more intimately. That’s driven a lot of the product decisions that have been made over the years. But Airstream’s commitment to nature – and by extension, the environment – really extends far beyond that.

Airstream focuses on reducing the carbon footprint in the manufacturing process, taking a number of steps in recent years to try to reduce that footprint. Steps like installing high efficiency lighting throughout the plant, for one. Airstream has installed high efficiency air compressors, helping offset the greatest source of electrical usage in the manufacturing process. All the water used in our spray booth, where every trailer is tested for leaks, is recycled.

Through these methods, Airstream has managed to reduce our carbon footprint. We can’t fix every problem, but we can certainly do our part to reduce the impact of manufacturing an Airstream.

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