Endless Caravan

Endless Caravan: More Miles, More Stories

American Dream U is on a six-week #EndlessCaravan road trip in an Airstream, visiting military bases and veteran-owned businesses across the country. Founder Phil Randazzo shares about ADU’s time traveling through Texas and meeting several people with truly incredible stories.

Hi everyone, I'm back again with an update from the road on Airstream's #EndlessCaravan—this time, TEXAS!

While in Austin, I had the chance to sit down with Dakota Meyer, a decorated Marine veteran, Medal of Honor winner and now, an entrepreneur. He gave an amazing, passionate talk about his experience with military transition, fatherhood and more. It will go down as one of my favorite conversations on this trip (maybe of all time!), and it’s certainly a must see. Feel free to enjoy the interview at the link below!

This week we also visited San Antonio, which is known as to many as "Military City, USA," because it has been home to a consistent military presence for nearly 300 years. Many retired veterans make their home here after their military service. In fact, the city has one of the nation's largest active and retired military population.

While in San Antonio, I got to spend the morning at Brooke Army Medical Center in the wounded warrior transition unit. While I was there, I met young Marines who are in the process of transitioning out of the Marine Corps. They all had tremendously inspiring stories and what was obvious was they didn't feel sorry for themselves at all, they are just tough Marines who were doing their job.

Jeremy Hensley, who served more than 35 years in the Marine Corps, had an especially interesting story. We met and did an interview right outside the Alamo in the Airstream. Jeremy met his wife in the Marine Corps and between the both of them, they served over 35 years.  Jeremy talked about how he grew up as a pastor's son and that compassion for others is still instilled in him today.

Also in San Antonio, we visited one of the Grunt Style headquarters and met with Daniel, the founder. Daniel is dedicated and passionate about hiring veterans, and he is one of our most high-profile military success stories. With only one college credit, he started Grunt Style, which is now a $100 million dollar business. Daniel is also extremely generous helping other veterans in many other causes. 

We also spoke with Mylo Villanueva in San Antonio. He’s a Marine veteran with a passion for fitness and supports veterans through his own business, Mylo Obstacle Fitness.

We also took the Airstream to Waco, Texas, to visit the one and only Magnolia Silos! Any HGTV fan knows no trip to Texas is complete without a Magnolia visit. Our pup, Gigi, was a fan favorite—posing for photos and enjoying lots of pets.

While in Waco, we also met up with more veteran entrepreneurs. I was really impressed by one duo, a young solider and an older Veteran, who opened a custom souvenir shop.

I've been at this for more than 15 years and have met some tremendous Americans. I am still in awe at their stories, and their total humility about themselves and what they've done for our country. We are so thankful to be meeting such incredible veterans on this #EndlessCaravan trip!