Basecamp® Using LP Bottles and Regulator

Watch how to turn your Airstream Basecamp propane "on" and "off".

Open the front LP storage by releasing the two fasteners and pushing the lid up.

Airstream Basecamp LP Tank Lid Fastener

Remove the power cord and stabilizer jack from the storage compartment.

Airstream Basecamp Power Cable and Stabilizer Jack

Pull up the tray. Airstream Basecamp LP Tray Removal

The two 20 lb. LP bottles have a two-stage regulator. To select which tank to use, turn the regulator switch towards that bottle. When it is good on propane, the regulator will show a green light. When the tank is empty, it will show a red light. Rotate the knob back the opposite direction to select the other tank. Airstream Basecamp LP Tanks

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