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Class B RV Kitchen Guide: The Atlas Galley


You don’t have to sacrifice appliances or creativity in the Atlas galley kitchen

Today’s small luxury RVs boast kitchens that rival what you have at home, both in functionality and style. And while a Class B RV galley kitchen floor plan will naturally be less spacious than that of a Class A motorhome, you can still find a setup that’s perfect for your cooking needs. In this post, we’ll focus on the kitchen inside the Airstream Atlas Touring Coach. The largest of all of our touring coaches, the Atlas is more like an upscale home on the road. And because its power slide-out makes the coach far more spacious than your average Class B RV, we affectionately call the Atlas a Class B+. So what do you get in the Atlas kitchen? Let’s walk through it all. 

A Two-Burner LP Gas Stove

Image: 21-AIR-Blog-AtlasKitchen-1Stove-Square3.jpg

There’s nothing quite like cooking with gas, and the Atlas offers you that pleasure while you’re on the road. The two-burner stove allows you to get multiple pots or pans going at once and heats up quickly when you need it. 

When you’re not using the stove, the integrated tempered glass cover folds down to protect the burners and can serve as extra space on the counter.

An Overhead Exhaust Fan

Image: 21-AIR-Blog-AtlasKitchen-2ExhaustFan-Square.jpg

While you’re cooking on the stove, you’re directly under the overhead Fantastic® Fan exhaust system that doubles as a fan for the interior of the coach. Open the vented fan when you’re cooking to keep smells and smoke from lingering in the coach. 

Damage-Resistant Solid Surface Countertop

Image: 21-AIR-Blog-AtlasKitchen-3Countertop-Square2.jpg

The solid surface counter in the Atlas is designed to stand up to everyday kitchen wear and tear and still look beautiful throughout its lifetime. It’s also easy to clean and features a modern squared edge. 

Kohler® Faucet And Sink

Image: 21-AIR-Blog-AtlasKitchen-4Sink-Square3.jpg

The residential-style Kohler faucet complements the aluminum backsplash and features a retractable head for spraying pots and pans. The sink is easy to clean and keep clean. 

Built-in Sink Cover

Image: 21-AIR-Blog-AtlasKitchen-5SinkCover-Square.jpg

When you’re not using the sink, the custom-fit solid surface sink cover turns it into prime counter space to chop, prep, and plate your meals. You can also use the cover as an extra serving board. 

Built-in Waste Container with Cover

Image: 21-AIR-Blog-AtlasKitchen-6WasteContainer-Square.jpg

In the far corner of the counter is an inconspicuous built-in waste container with a solid surface cover. To open the cover, simply push down on the button and lift the handle. Since the compartment is level with the counter, you can easily push cooking scraps right in. And of course, with the cover in place you gain more valuable counter space.

Retractable Extra Counter Space

Image: 21-AIR-Blog-AtlasKitchen-7RetractableCounter-Square.jpg

Under the counter is a retractable solid surface panel that slides out for even more prep space and slides back in to stay out of the way when you don’t need it. 

12-Volt Refrigerator and Freezer

Image: 21-AIR-Blog-AtlasKitchen-8FridgeFreezer-Square.jpg

When you’re facing the sink, the 9.1 cubic foot, 12-Volt refrigerator and freezer are just behind you, creating the highly desired triangle of ideal kitchen functionality. The freezer is located below the fridge, and both have locking mechanisms for when you’re underway on the road. The front of the refrigerator and freezer are cased in aluminum fascia to match the kitchen’s backsplash. 

Convection Microwave

Image: 21-AIR-Blog-AtlasKitchen-9Microwave-Square.jpg

The 1.1 cubic foot convection microwave combines the capabilities of a convection oven and a traditional microwave into one appliance. You can bake and roast foods in addition to heating or reheating. You might be surprised by how much this small but mighty appliance can do for your RV kitchen.

Wood Cabinetry and Aluminum Accents

Image: 21-AIR-Blog-AtlasKitchen-10Cabinetry-Square.jpg

The kind of design quality and durability that has made the Airstream name iconic is built right into the Atlas kitchen cabinetry. Wooden upper and lower cabinets are made and assembled by our craftspeople in Jackson Center, Ohio, USA, and they’re built to last – not just the test of the time, but also the conditions of the road. Store your snacks, dishes, spices, utensils, and more in the upper and lower cabinets and drawers. 

In true Airstream fashion, the aluminum backsplash is the epitome of timeless, modern style. And as a bonus, it’s extremely easy to clean. 

Cooking and Coach Safety Features

Image: 21-AIR-Blog-AtlasKitchen-11GasDetector-Square.jpg

Every Airstream touring coach comes equipped with an LP gas leak detector, a smoke alarm, a CO2 detector/alarm, a fire extinguisher, and a first aid kit. Before you start cooking, familiarize yourself with these items, know where they’re located, and know what to do if there’s a problem.

Motion-Sensing Aisle Lights

Image: 21-AIR-Blog-AtlasKitchen-12AisleLights-Square.jpg

If you’re heading to the kitchen for a midnight snack or just on your way to the bathroom, you’ll appreciate the motion-activated aisle lights that guide you there. When no motion is detected, the aisle lights turn off so you can enjoy complete darkness inside the coach. 


Prefer a video walkthrough?

If you’re more of a visual person, check out this quick video walkthrough of the Atlas kitchen features we covered above. 


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